~Topic 3 for PRCA 3330~

[Why are comments such an integral part of blogs? What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments?]

I think blog comments are an essential part of blogs for several reasons:

  1. Blog comments show that people are actually reading up on your blog and who exactly is reading your blog. You can visit your readers’ blog or website if they leave their personal link on their comment.
  2. Comments show you exactly what your readers think or feel about your blog posts. They can display their interest, share ideas/links/photos, and show either opposition or concurrence with your beliefs and opinions.
  3. Not only do blog comments show what people think about your blog, but the fact that a comment was even made shows interest in you and/or your topics. I say this because people may read your blog posts but just never decide to make an effort to leave a comment. So when a comment is made, the effort alone shows a great deal of interest from the reader.

On actually writing effective blog comments on other people’s posts, I would follow some of the following guidelines.

  • Always proofread before you post anything
  • Reply with a relevant comment, don’t get off topic
  • Leave your email address and/or website link
  • Comment early on (in other words, don’t be 40th in line!)
  • Comment with confidence, but don’t be rude if you oppose that blogger’s opinions
  • Link articles, other blogs, videos, etc. relevant to their topic
  • Revisit the post to see who has replied to your comment and be active in responding back

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