Movie: The Book of Eli

I won’t give too many specific details in my reaction to this movie because it is fairly new and I don’t want to give away too much. But I went and saw this movie a couple weeks ago after hearing a few extreme responses about how amazing it was.

I really loved it! Denzel is still an outstanding actor of course! And since I didn’t see any commercials or previews, it shocked me to see actress Mila Kunis alongside Washington’s role as well (an actress from That 70’s Show, and Meg’s voice on the hit cartoon Family Guy).

The message I got from the plot of the film was that no matter what you go through in life, as long as you walk with God’s word, you will be just fine. No weapon formed against you will prosper! (If you see the movie, you will see how literal that quote is! So cool!). Also, do what you were put here to do, stay focused and stay on the right path. Follow God and don’t worry at all about what people think of you for doing what you know you are supposed to do, even if they think you’re completely crazy or if they make threats. Listen to the voice within and continue your life’s journey.

What was especially unique about the movie was the setting! The setting was a fictional situation set in the United States and the time was set in the future I assume. Note: You will be caught off guard at the start of the movie. But you’ll soon catch on and be interested in the writer’s creativity.

Please go see The Book of Eli. It is a great movie from beginning to end. I like the drama, action, and suspense of it. I doubt you will be disappointed. I mean, after all, it is a Denzel film… *enough said*


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