If You Have to Cry, GO OUTSIDE!! [Kell on Earth]

Reaction to KELL ON EARTH [Season 1, Episode 1: Walk in the Park]

My Pic of Kell!

I used the Paint program, lol!

“If You Have To Cry, Go Outside.” I had already told myself this was going to be the title of my blog post in reaction to the new reality series Kell on Earth (Bravo TV)….

 I was so intrigued by the first episode that we watched in class that I decided to visit Hulu.com to watch it again. And then while watching it in, I was intrigued even more that I stopped it not even a quarter of the way through and began browsing Bravo’s website for more information. There I discovered cast member biographies, blogs, and even photos. As I read, I then learned that “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside” will actually be the name of Kelly Cutrone’s first book!

Who is Kelly Cutrone? She is the ferocious founder of powerhouse public relations firm People’s Revolution located in New York, and her power and super strong persona are made clear within the first minute of the episode. This aggressive go-getter is responsible for a team of zealous fashion lovers, mile-long lists of world famous designers, and a 7-year-old daughter named Ava. Kell on Earth is a reality show based on the Kell, her company, and the challenges they face.

The basis of the first episode was the planning and implementation of David Delfin’s fashion show and of Chado Ralph Rucci’s fashion show. This episode has not really influenced my perception of events. I know that planning and managing an event can be crazy and hectic just depending on the client, the number of guests and the amount of time available for preparation.

 I learned lots from this episode about organization and timing. One miniscule mistake during the planning period of an event can lead to horrible consequences later on.  A couple of instances on the episode show this: seating people next to each other at an event who are enemies or competitors, accidently having a duplicate person on the RSVP list, waiting until the last minute to print important documents and unexpectedly running into a technical difficulty, and more! Expect the unexpected. Be prepared to be unprepared. Double-check all of your work. Be a good communicator with your colleagues. Listen to your client’s wants and needs.

There are several stereotypes – both positive and negative – of the public relations industry, and some will be either slammed or confirmed on this show. One, PR is for chicks. Of all the cast members, there are only two males, and both of them are homosexual. Stereotype one, though not true, is supported.  

Stereotype two, PR jobs are a party! Not only is it quite clear in this episode that tasks, expectations and roles are highly stressful, but the name of the show is a play on words to rhyme with Hell on earth. Their work environment is intense, demanding and on fire. They have several duties and face many tight deadlines at once. Stereotype two is not supported. “Stressful job,” Kelly stated, “That’s an understatement.”

A third stereotype could be that if you love fashion, you are made for this industry! Kelly explained, “…These kids have this whole idea of what the fashion world is…but what the fashion world looks like and what the business is are two completely different things. They all come in thinking that they’re fashion people. And 90% of them are gonna find out that they’re not.” In other words, just because you love to shop or you love playing dress-up and love attending fashion shows, don’t fool yourself into thinking you are prepared to work in the fashion industry. As you can see in the episode, simple tasks like making a seating chart or sending invitations can be a tremendous burden. “This is not Barbie,” Kelly said.

Of the cast members, I am most like Stefanie Skinner, the account executive. This is because I can interpret that she is living her dreams as a little girl to now be working in the fashion industry. No matter how stressed she may seem on the job, I think I can still sense that this is what she has always wanted – to be engulfed in fashion, passion, and deadlines. Also, I noticed that she sort of took Kelly’s new assistant, Andrew, under her wing. In her relationship with him, I see how helpful, caring and genuine she is. Skinner’s a dreamer but is highly determined. She really reminds me of myself.

In my opinion, this show will not be bad for the PR industry at all. Sure, there was a lot of drama and no room for error (“I have a rule about crying in the office: if you have to cry, go outside,” Kelly stated hardheartedly). Sure, there was plenty of chaos (“We have a take-no-prisoners attitude”). Sure, there are times when there is a lot on the line (“This isn’t college! This is millions of dollars of people’s money!” Kelly yelled to the interns). But public relations students are eager. We are hungry wolves and we love challenges. I think some of us live for that intense race to the finish line and can feed off of the fiery energy that arises behind the scenes. If this episode scared you away from PR, change your major!

Would I work for the People’s Revolution? Of course I would! I’m a PR soldier and I am ready for a challenge. I think that I would have weak moments just like one could see on episode one; I am human. But I think an intense job like that where I’d have to “swim with sharks” — as Kelly told her daughter Ava — would only make me a better swimmer.


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  1. Hey Jasmine! I really wanted to watch “Kell on Earth” but sadly I don’t have bravo here in Stateboro- so I am OVERLY JOYED at the fact that you mentioned it is on Hulu, and I will be watching it as soon as I get out of class today. Kelly Catrone is brutal,I don’t know if you’re a “Hills” fan but Peoples Revolution has been featured on that show as well as the place where Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port work. I love that peoples revolution isn’t just about fashion but is business savvy as well. I would love to work there too- being yelled at by Kelly Catrone would be an honor!

    • YES! Professor Andrews showed us the first episode in class via Hulu so now I’m hooked! I do remember Ppl’s Revolution/Kelly being on “The Hills” as well! I agree, Kelly can yell at me any day. Working for her would definitely be a challenge in more ways than one, but some people live for that rush of the hectic work environment 🙂

  2. When I first saw this blog I was intimated by its size but once I started I was HOOKED! I remembered Kelly Cutrone from “The Hills” and how harsh and how she dished out a lot of “tough love” to Lauren and Whitney during the seasons. Though she is a little rough around the edges she does her job well and is someone to really look up to when it comes to PR and marketing. I would love to work for her anytime or day though I might have to carry a large box of tissues and use them often.

    • Hi, Caroline! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! Btw, “rough” is not enough to describe Kell (lol)! P.S. Have you been keeping up with the entire season? I have been too busy unfortunately to watch much TV!

  3. I have not gotten a chance to watch this yet, but you blog post and all the comments have gotten me very interested. I’m going to try and tune in, or watch it on the internet. I do remember briefly watching a commercial for it and seeing so advertisement and it not catching my eye, but this post has complete changed my mind. I also like the quote “If you have to Cry, go outside.” I like this because I feel like in the work place if you cry it makes you look unprofessional and like you can’t handle you job. Can’t wait to watch

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