~Topic 5 for PRCA 3330: Superbowl XLIV Commercials~

1 of my favorite – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qIkou5oNXo Doritos/Boy Slaps Man

1 of my least favorite – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPu9DtpzOdc Charles Barkley/Taco Bell

In my opinion, the Doritos commerical was among the funniest ads because it took me by surprise when the little boy slapped the grown man. It was very cute that he was so posessive over his mom and over his Doritos chips. I’d say that the target audience ranged from children to older adults, both male and female and no particular nationality.

On the other hand, the gordita was not the only thing cheesy in the Taco Bell commercial. Charles Barkley was featured walking along a path singing a corny song about a Taco Bell “box” that is apparently supposed to “rock.” It reminded me too much of Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham,” and this could have possibly been on purpose. But I was not impressed! I’d assume the target audience ranged from children to older adults, male and female but especially basketball fans (in the background there was a court game going on, a locker room, sports press and even basketball cheerleaders).


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  1. sharita wilkinson

    The Doritos ad was hilarious. I like that the ad stayed away from stereotyping the black actors in anyway. Unlike the McDonald ads which constantly displays our “love” for hip-hop, poetry, and single mothers. Oh! And my favor “keeping it real” theme.
    Another one of my favorites is Betty White and the Snickers commercial. I am glad someone is recognizing the great talent she has. Overall, the commercials this year was not as good as last year. I am not sure the reasons, other than the economy, but the ads could have been a lot better. I need to look at the Taco Bell ad, the preview ads leading up to the main one was corny therefore I am not surprise.

    • Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! I totally agree – those “urban” McDonalds ads are pretty ridiculous! But hey, it won’t stop Black people from eating there. Actually, I do find them quite funny (lol). I don’t remember the Betty White commercial, I’ll have to check that out. Have you heard about L.Lohan though? She sued E-Trade for their milk-a-holic commercial (*laughs out loud*).

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