~TOPIC 6 for PRCA 3330: What is newsworthy?~

TOPIC SIX – What makes a story newsworthy?

Something that is “newsworthy” is generally interesting, relevant or important to the public — anything that is “worth” reading or hearing about and that is actually “news!”

News itself means that it is new information; timing is important. Reporting news that everyone has already heard is no longer new. Also, the content of a story must be relevant to the readers/listeners. It must be significant to their lives. The information in the story has to benefit the audience. It has to either be a feature story that is very interesting or intriguing, whether it is a human interest topic or a sad, news story. Even if the story is about something that happened far away, it must be so significant that all areas where the story is distributed that is it still newsworthy.

Here are some examples of newsworthy stories:
~ the 2010 earthquake in Haiti reported internationally (why: because an alarming amount of people were killed and as much help is needed as possible from around the world)
~ reporting in the Statesboro Herald about the Celebration South event that will be held downtown Statesboro in April

Here are some example of stories that are not newsworthy:
~ reporting that the PRSSA is brainstorming ideas for a fund-raiser
~ reporting in the Augusta Chronicles that two Savannah natives were in an automobile accident in Tybee Island, GA


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