Need Publicity?! (How to Find and Make News)

Is your client in need of some publicity? Here are a few tips I got from reading Chapter Four in my textbook for PR Writing. There is a link to the book at the bottom if you are interested in more information!

Traditionally, here are 8 important news values to keep in mind when considering what actually makes quality news:

1. Timeliness – (Is your news “old?” Will it matter anymore once published?)
2. Prominence – (Utilizing a popular athlete or movie star will draw even more attention.)
3. Proximity – (Are you reporting news that is local? Or can you localize a national story?)
4. Significance – (Is this news topic of great important to your audience?)
5. Unusualness – (Just like crazy circus acts or wild Ripley’s Believe It or Not, “unusual” stories can pull a crowd.)
6. Human interest – (Can your audience relate to what the news subject or subjects are experiencing?)
7. Conflict – (People like drama, issues, crime stories, and politics.)
8. Newness – (Inform your audience about new products, new services, new foods, and new ideas.)

If you need help brainstorming ways to create publicity for your client, here are my five top picks of the 32 listed in the text!

  • Interview a celeb
  • Stage a special event
  • Make an award or hold a contest
  • Take part in a controversy
  • Conduct a poll or survey

Find the text here: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox


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