~TOPIC 7 for PRCA 3330: Twitter~

My PR Writing professor (@barbaranixon) instructed the class last week to sign up for an account on Twitter, gave us a list of important people in PR to follow,  tweet at least 20 times within the 5-day time frame, and then to write about our experience.

I am not new to Twitter. I have been tweeting since May 2009. I did not, however, follow nearly as many PR people as I do now. Thanks to Professor Nixon’s suggestion list, I now follow many popular practioners, authors, business men and women, and even some Winter Olympians! (See her blog post about Twitter here: http://publicrelationsmatters.com/2010/02/10/one-week-of-twitter-comm-4333-and-prca-3330/)

To me, Twitter is a great networking tool for three reasons: (1) exposure to people in your field, (2) finding new information, and (3) expressing yourself/getting feedback.

Having an account on Twitter is a really good way to get exposed to people. I found several other PR students here in Georgia and nationwide to fellowship with. Not only fellow students, but I also came across other PR professors and even people already well into the field — PR firms, popular PR bloggers, big-time event planners, and well-known journalists. These people can share their stories, experiences, and even job ops with you…

…Which leads to my second point. People’s tweets (some people) are very useful and helpful to my academic studies and for my future! They tweet great advice, link helpful stories, give you feedback if you ask them quesions, and even advertise for internship and job openings! Twitter is great for this, so don’t miss out! Twitter is like a big family of people eager to network and help others.

Lastly, I love Twitter because I can express myself. Whatever I feel like saying, I can say. I don’t advise that anyone literally tweets whatever they want, however; you will lose credibility and lose the interest of your followers if you constantly tweet things that are irrelevant to the general public. I like to tweet about what I have going on in my classes, at work , or in my life. And I also reply to other people and their tweets.

Twitter is a cool networking site to share information, get exposed to professionals, and express yourself. “What are YOU doing?”

Follow me at http://www.twitter.com/Ms_JStewie 🙂


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