Today I made a big financial decision!

I CUT my nails! Lol.

Since about a year ago, I started to get my nails done habitually with close a friend named Erika. It may not seem like a big deal, but I calculated the expense and found that I probably spent around $500 last year on the maintenance of these things! It was very hard to let them go today for good (we’ll see). But I know that I will have an extra $20 each paycheck that won’t go toward the Cali Nails Nail Salon.

I was sitting in the chair as she clipped off each nail thinking thoughts that made me feel as if I were breaking up with a boyfriend, lol. “Is this the right decision? I know it’s for the best, but should I stay anyway? When will I see you again?” Hahahaha.

Once I get over this initial heart break phase, I know that I will get back in the swing of maintaining my own natural nails. You see, Erika and I had been getting acrylic nails. My nails are naturally very long anyway, but when one or two break, the entire set of ten looks extremely tacky. Not only that, it is frustrating to continuously apply Sally Hansen’s nail hardeners that never work. Random fact: The usual nail colors I chose at Cali were super girly shades of pink.

…By the way, I am now typing with my fingertips for the first time in a long time (versus typing with nails). *pats self on back*

When I calculated the amount of money I spent on acrylic fill-ins, polish changes, nail designs, and tips for the salon workers, one thing I did not account for is the costs that went toward my feet. I absolutely refuse to cut this cost. The key to living a happy life is having a baby-soft, cuticle-free pair of feet that smell like sweet lavender, don’t you agree? Especially in the summer when it is the season for sandals. Random fact: Wearing flip-flops year round at Georgia Southern University is just as acceptable as wearing underwear year round (yes, whether is it 70 degrees or 17 degrees)!

Okay, technically, I can just use my pumice stone, a cuticle-removing device, and a 2-in-1 nail buffer-file and have a less expensive, at-home pedicure. But that takes all the fun away from having someone else pamper your piggies…soaking them in a bubbly foot tub, massaging them, and polishing them to perfection. Maybe later on down the line I will make the decision to cut this cost as well. But for now, I think that’s taking it a little too far. *grins*


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