About Facts Sheets and Media Kits

This is the text we use for my PR Writing class: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox

This week we focused on Chapter 6: Preparing Fact Sheets, Advisories, Media Kits, and Pitches. Here are some things I find worth remembering:

A fact sheet is a one-page list of background facts (about an event, product, or organization) in outline or bullet form that a reporter can conveniently use as a quick reference when writing a story. It often accompanies a news release or media kit (page 141).

A media kit/press kit is to give reporters a wide variety of information and resources that help make it easier for the reporter to write about the topic (page 146). Basic media kits include a main news release, a news feature, fact sheets, background information, photos, biographical material on spokesperson/senior executive, and brochures (page 146).

Media advisories/media alerts tell editors about events coming up that they may possibly be interested in covering. It uses the headings What, Where, When, Who, and Why typically (pages 144-45).

A pitch is a memo that should persuade reporters to cover your product, service, or event (page 141). An effective pitch has three phases: research the publication, writing the letter/make the phone call, and follow up!


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