We are now looking for the HOTTEST, NEW performers!

Want to be part of an exciting community event that’ll help your fan-base and Make A Difference?

MAD (Making A Difference) Week* will take place from Sunday, 7 November to Saturday, 13 November, 2010. Talent is being invited from all over the country, but local artists are also invited to take part in this exciting community event as well as the main event, the 2010 1st Annual CODE: FEVER Concert hosted by TMT welcoming the hottest new artists of all genres for all students and community members! This concert is set to be in the PAC (Performing Arts Center) at Georgia Southern University! CODE: FEVER’s aim is to celebrate the musical wealth of talent, diversity, and vibrant skills of new artists across the nation!

Founded by upcoming author-model Jazmin Ashlee, Making A Difference™ is an organization that focuses on influencing youth and peers in the community with motivational speeches, mentor services and fun-filled events. The team specializing in organizing and hosting the 2010 1st Annual CODE: FEVER is Jazmin Ashlee’s The MAD Team, or TMT!

This is a huge event at which we hope you are interested in performing! For more information as far as booking and further inquiries, contact Public Relations manager Jasmine D. Stewart at (912) 541-2790 today, or e-mail TMTpromotions@gmail.com! Visit www.jazminashlee.com!

*MAD Week will consist of daytime and evening events to be held in different venues. Students as well as members of the community are encouraged to involve themselves in these events for contest prizes, scholarships, and more!


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