My Laundry Life! lol

We all have different aspects of our lives! We have our life at school, our life at work, our love life, our family life, and our life with friends! …. My school life stays busy with 15 hours, especially since I am a senior and I have recently picked up a marketing minor. My work life is busy as well as I have a set after-school type of schedule working 30 hours a week. My love life…eh, he has graduated and moved out of town so it’s not so bad right now. My family life – well my parents live an hour and a half away in Augusta, GA. Social life is fun-filled, especially on the weekends…

As for me, I ALSO have a laundry life and it drives me insane!! It seems that every other day I am doing a ton of laundry! (Right now, there is still actually a pile of unfolded laundry on my bed!) I am also sure that my three roommates are sick and tired of me hogging the washing machine and dryer almost every day! lol

Okay… The reason behind my clutter of clothes is that I have a very, very active lifestyle. In the mornings if I have time/energy, I’ll get up at 7:30AM and go running for 30 to 45 minutes — that’s one set of clothes. Then I shower and put on my outfit to go to classes in. After coming home from class, I change into my work uniform — green button-up shirt and black slacks. After this, I might throw on some sweat pants and head to the library to do some school work. And if it’s Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, it is definitely likely that I will dress up to go hang with friends! People, that is an average of four to five sets of clothes per day! Can you imagine!

You know what? That’s alright. I enjoy staying so busy. I love a busy lifestyle because it just shows the many sides of me! It does get pretty hectic at times. But I am well-rounded. I find myself dedicating myself to lots of different types of things — academically, socially, personal hobbies, and volunteering in the community. I’m just ALL OVER THE PLACE! So doing tons of laundry every other day is what I’ll just have to live with for the rest of my life.

Plus, you know what mom says: Idle hands are the devil’s playground!

P.S. Here is my fav laundry product! Victoria’s Secret laundry sheets. They’re guaranteed to keep your laundry smelling fresh, sexy, & feminine! The box of 40 is worth the $12 if and only if you are a true Vicky’s Secret fan like I am 😉


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  1. lindsayaddison

    I LOVED this post! You are so right, we all have such busy lives and the laundry piles up QUICKLY! When and where can we ever find enough time to keep up with all of the laundry? I have no idea where all of my clothes come from, but I too change about 4-5 times a day. That just seems ridiculous! Maybe one day we can find husbands that will do laundry for us? Wouldn’t that be great! However, that might just be impossible! I think we are stuck with it forever…so we better get use to it now…and then get prepared to add even more clothes to the pile as we get married and then have children. Whew! I hope thats a long way away! I’m already stressing about JUST MY laundry…imagine others mixed in to! I’m going to have to try Victoria’s Secret laundry sheets! I can tell that I would like them just by your description! 🙂

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