New Media: Get With It!

[The information in this blog post was obtained from my PRCA 3330 text, in Chapter 12 – Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox.]

“Because of the rise of the Internet and the World Wide Web, two spheres of influence have emerged that are constantly interacting with each other. CooperKatz and Company calls them the mediasphere and the blogosphere.”

This new media can be characterized through (1) widespread broadband; (2) inexpensive or even free tools online for publishing; (3) innovative channels of distribution; (4) mobile technology; (5) new paradigms in advertising.

Advantages of new media include are that it can be quickly updated, it is widely interactive for feedback, there are limited constraints for time and space, formats are much more flexible, it’s easy for amateurs to use, and it is insensitive to distance.

Tips for Website-Building:

  • Hire a copywriter and a graphic artist
  • Avoid cliches, exaggerations, jargon, and acronyms
  • Avoid using the passive voice
  • Make it accessible to people with disabilities (i.e. deaf, colorblind, blind); needs to be readable for browser-readers
  • Have your logo on every web page
  • If you have lots of content, utilize a Search tab
  • Keep track of the amount of guests with a visitors counter
  • Use keywords so that search engines may pick up content from your site

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