~TOPIC 12 for PRCA 3330~

[Instructions from professor: Listen to at least one hour of PR/marketing podcasts (such as For Immediate ReleaseInside PRThe Creative CareerComing Up PRTrafcom News or Marketing Over Coffee). Briefly summarize what you heard. Discuss how listening to PR podcasts can benefit PR students or new PR practitioners. (Optional: Also, write a short review of the podcast at iTunes.)!]

I chose Marketing Over Coffee, with Christopher Penn and John Wall featuring David Meerman Scott!!

A summary of what I heard:
Mr. Scott first began to talk about the recent release of a paper back version of the New Rules of Marketing and PR (2009) which hit Business Week’s Best Seller List for five months that year. This book is also available in 25 translations! Then he stated some of his recent travels, going all over the world to speak in Australia, Turkey, Dominican Republic, and more.

After his brief self-introduction, he started to discuss how interesting it was to him that the things they had been buzzing about for the past few years now is finally emerging into mainstream — “new media,” such as blogs, social networking sites, YouTube, etc. He stated that this contemporary marketing is a big deal, no matter what size or type of company it is. Everyone should jump on this bandwagon.

Next he started talking about his thoughts on GM and their bounce-back from their filing of bankruptcy. He sort of bashed them on Twitter after seeing a few of their ads – which he considered a little “fake.” But then the head of GM’s social media spoke with him, and corporate ended up inviting him to Detroit where they showed him a more in-depth view of the “new” GM, giving Scott a change of heart.

He then started going into “what is marketing on the web?” beyond Twitter and Facebook. He thinks that people conside themselves social media experts for the wrong reasons. For instance, it is a misconception that if you have thousands of followers or a fancy blog that you are suddenly a marketing king online! He says that there is so much more than that. And he also stated that companies often focus too much on Twitter since it’s the new big thing that they forget about other channels available to reach consumers.

Scott also discussed that he went as far as paying for book reviews. He caught a little flack from some for going out and paying for these reviews. But he justifies it by stating that he was a very new author at the time, therefore unknown. So he needed to pay someone with credibility to read his book and give him a review. He was afraid that otherwise, he would get no book reviews.

How I think listening to PR podcasts can benefit PR students:
I think that there is alot to be learned and there are always new trends being made each day in technology and media. It is important that PR students and even new PR practicioners should keep up with these things in order to operate most effectively. In an everchanging world, we must stay on our toes. There are several ways to do this, including staying tuned in to PR podcasts.


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