~Topic 13 for PRCA 3330~

10 Ways We PR People Tend to Drive Journalists CRAZY!

  1. Hype and exaggeration annoys journalists I’m sure! But, hey – we never exaggerate. We just publicize the truth 😉
  2. When PR people say “no comment,” especially on issues that are high in the public’s interest!
  3. If we miss a deadline. There is no such thing as missing a deadline when dealing with news reporting – only being fired for inadequacy! In other words, PR folks, don’t get someone fired because their assignment was dependent on you!
  4. Bribery in the form of “gifts” or “discounts.” Brown-nosing even.
  5. Being a “Bug-a-Boo!” Don’t be bothersome via telephone, fax, or e-mail.
  6. SPAM! Enough said.
  7. Errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, or facts. It is best that we double check with our sources and also double check our copy before sending it anywhere. And keep that flagged AP book handy.
  8. It is aggravating and unprofessional to fail to return a phone call or reply to an e-mail. Today’s technology does not allow this! Communication takes one second.
  9. Be careful when trying to be creative – don’t be cliche! This annoys journalists. Write catchy headlines for news releases.
  10. Send quality photos only. All other work will be trashed.

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