~Topic 14 for PRCA 3330~

Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling (Brought to you by – NewsU) & what I learned from this online course:

STEP 1: Choosing a Story

Utilize video, graphics, and quotes to create an effective story! But before you begin, gather as much information on your selected topic as you can. Gather visuals, research literature, and conduct interviews then put all of your collected work onto a storyboard to help you map out your story!

STEP 2: Making a Storyboard

First, define the elements by dividing the story into parts, such as main character profiles and background information. Next, assign certain types of medium to certain pieces of your story. For instance, you might want to put your still photos go with music clips. Next, begin organizing links and menu bars for navigation that flows.

STEP 3: Reporting with Multimedia

Make sure you pack the appropriate tools you need! This might include, extra batteries, camera lenses, extension cords, computer, tripod, and more. Also bring personal belongings that might also be helpful (umbrella, bottled water, snacks, pens/paper, duct tape, etc.). Prepare for the unexpected!

STEP 4: Editing for the Web


  • Make sure video clips are no longer than 3 minutes long
  • Only use high-quality audio
  • When taking photos, note that they replace text more than complement it
  • Use Flash to animate any graphics you may have

STEP 5: Producing the Story

Have your web designer help you edit everything. Also, use a variety of templates in your design so that your readers don’t get bored with the same layout.


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