Why So Serious?

It is more than often that my family members, closest friends, or love interests have called me sensitive or defensive! Why do I always seem so quick to defend myself, sometimes even when the person did not mean to offend me? lol

Well, to people in general, I am not this way. I usually only find myself “snapping” on the people who I spend most of my time with.

So, about this “sensitivity” or “defensiveness” they accuse me of… Today I was having a mini heart-to-heart with my mom — as we often do over the phone at least once a week, and she was just telling me how blessed she feels to have two beautiful, intelligent, loving daughters as a result of her first marriage which was not-so-loving. (AWWWW, I know right.) So then she goes on to describe to me this attitude she had with certain people while she was pregnant with me in particular! She said she was always on defense! Especially with her mother-in-law who called her names, like “foreigner.” I am sure that it was hurtful 24 years ago, but we can laugh about it now that God has blessed us with a new life full of love. But then she says: THAT’S WHY YOU’RE ALWAYS SO DEFENSIVE NOW! lol…. Then it clicked….

..I get it from my mama!

P.S. My middle name – Dikesela – is Palauan for “lady of inheritance.” That explains it all!


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  1. This blog post was very cute. It shows how much you get along with your mom and how close the two of you are. It reminds me of my relationship with my mom. I am 13 hours away from her right now and only get to see her for Christmas break and during the summer. I talk to her on the phone all of the time, to be honest probably 6 times a day! There are many qualities that we get from the people that we care about so much and spend so much time with. I also think it’s funny that you are sensitive or defensive with those who are close to you because I am the same way. It is only with the people I am very close to otherwise others will have no idea that is part of my personality!

    • Awwwww, wow! I can’t imagine talking to my mom 6 times a day! Where are you from that’s 13 hours away?? I’m only an hour and a half from my parents, but I’m so busy with school and work that it seems like I rarely go home!

      Thanks for commenting, Kate! Good luck with the rest of your semester! Are you graduating btw?

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