Making Good Judgments…

I have different roles at work. My two secondary roles are clerical work (like answering the phone, filing, and record-keeping) and marketing (such as designing flyers and posters). These are quite simple since the only two things they require are common sense and creativity.

However, my two primary roles are loans-processing and doing whatever it takes to meet company goals. And in this business, those two things definitely contradict! That’s where the skill of good decision-making comes into play! HEAVILY!

Our loans are based only on car titles. So we must evaluate their income, the stability of their residence, the condition & Kelley Blue Book value of their vehicle, as well as their level of comfort with the payment process of doing a title pawn. After that, we have to make the big decision: how much money do I feel comfortable loaning this person? Any company’s goal is to make a profit off of customers. But our main objective is to help people in the community who are in financial need.

If you really think about it, you will be able to figure out exactly what I’m saying without me having to go into deeper detail. But I have a hard job only when I know I really want to loan a person some money – either to get their power turned back on in their home or to help them pay for their children’s new school clothes or Christmas gifts or to pay for medicines to help keep a family member alive. Of course, every case is not so extreme. But everyday people come into the office wanting help financially. And it’s my job to do every single thing I can to help them. However, rules contradict when store goals and customer needs intersect…


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