News Releases in Social Media

A social media news release, or “SMNR,” is a non-traditional press kit that is pretty much structured just for online social media, thus, it is filled with graphics, animations, charts, audio bites, video clips, and more! They’re used by PR practicioners to obtain more awareness and attractiveness than just a plain and simple news release. Keep up with the changing times! The world right now is so caught up with online trends and social networking sites. So it would be a great idea to utilize this trend. 

There are pro’s and con’s with social media news releases, however. Of course it is more attractive with sight and sound, and is easily accessible for the online world! But people who do not have computers or are not savvy with technology may not be interested in this and might prefer to read ads in the newspaper the old-fashion way. There is never a guarantee with any medium that every individual in your target audience will be reached. Also, if a SMNR is not easy to navigate, viewers will get lost in the mesh of graphics and possibly lose interest.

Here are three links that give more information about SMNRs!

1. How to Write a Social Media Press Release

2. The Definitive Guide to Social Media Releases

3. Multimedia News Releases


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