Ten Blogging Tips for New PR Bloggers

This is the last weekly topic for my PRCA3330 course! So we are ending the semester with a list of 10 tips for amateur bloggers in the PR industry! Hopefully these will help those of you who are new to the blogosphere 😉

  1. Customize your page. No one wants to visit a blog that is bland and generic! Add color, a layout, a title, a headline, and photos. (I’d add music if I knew how to!)
  2. Follow up on other blogs. For instance, read up on your peers’ blogs and also follow the blogs of PR professors, PR practitioners, and PR firms!
  3. Once following these blogs, comment on them. This will allow you to express your opinions but also bring attention to your own blog (given that you left a comment with a link to your own blog site).
  4. Don’t leave large gaps of time in between your blog posts. Try to blog on a regular basis. If you can’t blog every day (which I personally would not recommend), at least blog every other day or even once a week at least.
  5. Join Twitter, PR Open Mic, Linked In, and other sites so that you can also link up there with other PR peeps’ blog sites.
  6. If you are a student blogger and are blogging for class, be professional and be consistent! For instance, don’t have a vulgar, man-bashing blog post after you and your boyfriend broke up and then the next day have a blog post about tips for PR internships… I’ve seen this and it was kind of disturbing, lol. Keep it clean.
  7. ALWAYS go back and read your posts!!! Trust me, after reading it three or four times, you will probably edit it three or four times! Some things just don’t sound right.
  8. ALWAYS go back and edit your posts for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  9. Ask PR professors and practitioners for advice and tips on blogging. They are usually the most experienced.
  10. Have fun with your blog!

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  1. Really proficient post. Theoretically I could write something like this too, but taking the time and effort to make a good article is a lot of effort…but what can I say….I’m a procrastinater. Good read though.

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