Oh, For A Man’s Metabolism!

Don’t you wish you had the metabolism of a man! Eat like a hog and never gain a pound! *jealous stare*

Here is a message about metabolism from Megan “Tisch” Hauser (a well-known personal trainer in Atlanta, GA). Join her Facebook group Tisch Tosch Training to get regular messages that contain tips for fitness and diet! She is friendly & VERRRRY HELPFUL! Also follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ttoschtraining

Ladies..ever wonder why a man can eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound? Sadly, a man’s body is composed totally different than how ours is–they have a lot higher metabolism. Therefore, it is NOT okay for us to eat like pigs like they do. Since our body fat % is a little higher than theirs, it makes our metabolisms slower. This is a big reason why girlfriends gain weight when they start living with their boyfriends, they start eating the same things..makes sense! Just cause he’s eating it, doesn’t mean you can..step-away-from-the fried chicken..slowelllyyyy!!
Okay, I used to Google tricks for improving your metabolism. Whether I use them regularly or not (lol), here is my collection for you:
  1. Drink an icy cold glass of water before you eat a meal. This is said to tighten your stomach muscles, sort of to shrink its size so that you eat less food!
  2. Green tea, mustard, broccoli, fat-free yogurt, and oatmeal are great metabolism boosting foods!
  3. Stay away from sugar!!!
  4. Engage in muscle-building exercises because the more muscle mass your body has, the more calories your body burns during exercise, whether you’re doing a zumba session or simply walking to class.
  5. Don’t skip meals and don’t fast! Your body NEEDS calories.
  6. Take B vitamins
  7. Make sure you eat breakfast (it really IS the most important meal of the day)

From my own personal experience, I can vouch for the following fitness rules to definitely work!

  • Counting calories (write them down in a notebook every time you eat! Trust me it helps!).
  • Drink unsweetened grapefruit juice (I swear this makes me eat less because it makes my appetite disappear).
  • If you are a greedy hog like me and you love food (lol), eat plain unsalted almonds in between meals to keep you from pigging out on unhealthy snacks or to prevent you from eating too much. They help with hunger problems I have!
  • Eat while you are doing something, not like watching TV, but more like while you are doing laundry. Take a bite or two of food, then go put your clothes in the dryer. Take another bite or two, and go load up the washer again. Eat another bite, then go fold the clothes. (You get the picture I’m sure).
  • Go grocery shopping on a full stomach!!! I grab any- and everything that looks tasty if I go shopping even slightly hungry. Also, write down a healthy list of things to buy and promise yourself NOT to get anything else. This also saves money.
  • Don’t eat 3 hours before you go to bed. Eat a salad or a light soup for dinner.
  • Speaking of sleep, make sure you get enough of it.
  • Interval/speed training.

Here’s what I look like when I follow my own rules versus when I don’t (haha). Enjoy the before and after photo. Note: in the skinnier photo, I was also jogging for 30 minutes every day and doing several sets of “suicides.”


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