Woman VS. Food

It seems like my biggest battle right now is Hunger (the new Weight Watchers Hunger Monster is pictured above, haha). How sad! I know. But standing at 5-feet 3-inches weighing 130 pounds, people who have seen me eat say that I sure can “put it away” (lol). I’m not overweight per se. I’m relatively small. But if you put a buffet in front of me, I can take full advantage of it. I’m capable of eating Thanksgiving-sized meals any day of the year. My main problems with eating are that I eat very fast and that I eat way too much. These go hand-in-hand though because if I eat too fast, I don’t give my stomach enough time to tell my brain that it’s satisfied. Therefore I continue to eat more. Then it’s too late. Lucky me that my metabolism is not absolutely horrible or I’d definitely be obese. Also, I love to get outdoors on a track or neighborhood sidewalk, plug my ears with music, and take off. I really enjoy running. Thank God for that or I’d be huge (lol)!

I have been battling my craving issues for several years now, especially now that I’m in college and I have full control of giving my tummy exactly what it wants to eat. Before Georgia Southern, most of my food came from the high school cafeteria and home-cooking from my parents. I was still overweight at the time though because my first few jobs were at fast food places, a restaurant in the mall food court, and the movie theater concession stand. But then I started playing volleyball and also danced for the school marching band which helped me drop a few pounds.

Recently, I stopped working out for about a month when I started focusing more on preparing for the end of Spring 2010 semester! And I’ve been doing well this past week getting back on track with working out. But…as far as the bad eating habits, they’re still here to haunt me! So I “googled” some hunger management tips and some foods that help suppress appetite. Here is the best link I’ve found so far today with helpful information, in case anyone reading my blog has a dilemma similar to mine:


My goal is to get as close to 120 pounds as possible. The lowest weight I have been in college was 118 (in 2007) so I know it is possible. What I was doing back then was counting every single calorie (both consumed and burned) every single day, completely avoiding junk food and alcohol, drinking tons of water, and filling myself with raw fruits and vegetables as soon as hunger struck.

I have no idea where I got the self-control from at the time but I really have got to get back to it 🙂 I’ll be 100% happy with my body and my health. So I guess that’s what I’ll be doing from now on…!!! *K-shrug*


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