I Wonder…

Random thoughts. Some serious, some silly.

I wonder why women hold their mouths open when we put on eye make-up
I wonder where dreams come from
I wonder if Obama ever looked at himself in the mirror as a kid and said, “I’m going to be the first Black president”
I wonder what babies think about
I wonder if animals fall in love
I wonder if we literally burn in hell for eternity after we die given that we didn’t lead a Christian life
I wonder what my mom thought I was going to look like or be like while she was pregnant with me
I wonder what MY kids are going to look like and be like!
I wonder how my phobia of moths developed
I wonder who invented waffles
I wonder how old my mom was when she decided she wanted to move to America
I wonder if super models have genuine high confidence and self-esteem levels about their appearance, or if they are just like us “regular” gorgeous girls who sometimes have low moments/thoughts about the way we look
I wonder if there will ever really be flying cars before the world comes to an end
I wonder how I’m so lucky to have such a perfect man come into my mom’s life after a bad divorce with my father
I wonder about the woman who invented nail polish
I wonder what job I will have when it is time for me to retire
I wonder what race my future husband is going to be
I wonder which of my nine siblings is going to get engaged next; so far one is married and two are engaged
I wonder alot of random things in my daydreams…


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Posted on May 31, 2010, in ABOUT ME (in general). Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Love this. My minds runs constantly with the most random thoughts so some of these I have wondered myself =)

  2. HA! A wandering mind is an imaginative mind! An imaginative mind is one that is forever young!

    *cues music*

    “Forevvvvver young, I wanna be..forevvver young!”


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