Girl Scouts: Weekly Summer Camp Day 2

Today was an exciting Day 2 (Tuesday, June 8th). We had a few more girls than we did last Tuesday (see previous Girl Scouts post), but that’s okay because I had an extra hand. Lynette was there this week and last week, but we were also blessed with Gabby! It was alot of fun…

Today’s focus was on the health and wellness, so we had the girls color the food pyramid and draw their favorite foods from each food group.

With every camp session, we begin and end with the Girl Scout Promise (“On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law!”). They all don’t know the whole thing by heart, but we had them give it a try and they actually remembered more than I thought!

After they got done coloring, we played a “name game” where we sat in a circle and went around introducing ourselves by name with a fun adjective of our choice that begins with the same letter that our first name begins with. We also had to try to remember as many of the other girls’ names as we could. Good for memory and paying attention!

Lastly, we got the girls engaged in a traditional Girl Scouts challenge called the friendship knot where you stand in a circle and hold someone’s hand with your left hand who is not next to you and the same with your right hand but with a different girl who is not next to you. Then you have become a human knot and you have to engage TEAMWORK in order to get out. I think the girls had alot of fun with this one because it was goofy and challenging! Here’s a photo of one of our three friendship knots:

Something vital that Lynette, Gabby, and I need to remember for NEXT TIME is the super short length of the girls’ attention spans! I first thought that spending one and half hour with them was too short. Boy was I wrong! We have got to have more than enough activities planned for them and leave no room for error. Speaking of ERROR, when most of the girls were done coloring their food pyramids, we went ahead and let them start the circle time games with Gabby. Lynette took a couple of the girls to the restroom maybe while I had to chase one down to get her to stop throwing toys and to go join the rest of the group. So there were a few still at the table quietly coloring. Turns out, if you have 15 girls, you need 15 pair of eyes as well – because the girls who were “quietly coloring” were actually using the markers to color full-arm tattoos on each other! OH BOY! Once we realized this, we tried not to panic but took them immediately to the sink to wash everything off. Thank GOD for Crayola’s washable markers! 🙂


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