Mission: “Get My Body Back!”

I’m always in the mirror evaluating my body. I’m pretty satisfied. I used to be extremely self-concious actually. My heaviest weight was 160 pounds and wore XL tops and size 11 pants. Right now I’m straddling between 125 and 130. It’s always fluctuating from day to day, depending on what I eat, drink, what I do, what time I go to sleep – it’s crazy.

So if you read my blog post several posts back, you can see my “before and after” photo. Well I currently look like a size in between both of those photos. I used to be able to fit into a size 3, although that time frame did not last long. But I’m sick of the fluctuating and it’s time I do something about it, for good!

Today is Day 1 (Monday, June 21) of my diet/fitness plan and I’m sticking to it darn it! (If you want to keep up with it too, keep referring back to this one post. I will continue to update this post each day with what I’m doing – since alot of people have been asking me 🙂 I think that would be easier to stay up on than if I wrote a bunch of different posts all the time about my exercise and things.)

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form a fitness expert or nutritionist lol! I get on Google and search for tips just like everyone else can. I’m just a 5’3″ gal with a little blubber in her midsection, and I am just going to blog about my experience to share it with my associates who have asked me what I do. Soooo, I’m thinking you guys should share with me too!! Leave comments! We can all help each other build willpower, self-discipline, etc. The more, the merrier! So BBM me: 21B31A07 – we can “PING!” each other at 7am when it’s time to go out jogging lol … Okay, maybe not, but that’s what time I have been getting up to go run (because it’s not as hot and it’s a great way to start my day).

To start off, here’s a pic from two weekends ago. Beach body? Not so much. I’m in a size 5 but would love to fit a size 3 again (without struggling with my zipper, hahaha).


My best tips for weight loss are – (Diet) Eat slower and eat small portions; drink unsweetened grapefruit juice to fight cravings; exercise daily; greatly decrease alcohol and sugars; (Exercise) Do a different type of workout every day; get enough sleep; do not eat late at night; processed foods are not the answer (including “lean cuisine” type of meals).

Honestly, I think evvvvveryone knows what to do to get healthy and stay fit. But the question is – who has the time, the willpower, and the persistence? LOL


**Last week was Week 1: How did it go? It didn’t go at all lol. My lesson learned from last week was, “If you want to go on a diet, don’t have any friends.” Okay, I’m being sarcastic but I learned that temptations from friends make it super hard for me to eat right. Monday, my friend sent me a text inviting me to Gnat’s Landing for their awesome half-priced wings (we order 10 teriyaki and 10 honey BBQ), then Tuesday for lunch I took my friend to a “happy belated father’s day” date to Mellow Mushroom where we ate jerk chicken salads and jerk chicken pizza, then that night a guy friend made dinner for me (he served me a HUGE plate of chicken alfredo), Wednesday we hit McDonalds when we left a party, Friday it was one of my best friend’s 26th birthday so we ate a Olive Garden…guys, the list goes on and on and on. In my life, friends equal food lol.

I did, however, do an okay job at working out every day. I skipped two days but that’s alright. I did better than last week.


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  1. I’ve been to your blog before,but never had much time to read and comment. Now that I’m at work (sitting in my hard ass chair lol) I have some down time.
    This particular entry struck home,because I too fluctuate in weight. My heaviest was 165lb, size 12 & now I’m 130lb,size6. I’m literally half my size as far as jeans go What’s funny is I’m the opposite of you. I’ve been doing great in the eating arena,but horrid in the exercise department lol Evening shifts = sleeping in. I’m ashamed that laziness is my downfall when it comes to exercise,but my body still looks better than it did in January. Honestly Jazzyfizzle I think you look great ^_^ You’re usually the one giving me advice so I’ll give you this one on the house:don’t think of it as “a diet” think of it as a Life Style. You go on a diet to become healthy,but you are healthy (Embrace it!),because you’ve work hard to be just that.

    Peace & Blessings,

  2. First, thank you so much for reading and also for taking time out to comment, Za!! And I am glad that someone can relate to me and my fluctuating body – thought it’s too bad that we can’t seem to find a constant weight that we are happy with. But that’s just it! We have to stop saying we can’t and stop being okay with all the excuses we make! WE CAN DO IT 🙂

    P.S. I love what you said – “Don’t think of it as a ‘diet,’ think of it as a Life Style” via Za!

    😉 xo

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