Social Media News Releases

What is a Social Media News Release?
A social media news release (or “SMNR”) is a press release that can consist of not only your simple text and graphics, but can also contain promotional videos, music clips, blog posts, slide shows, high resolution photos, charts, hyperlinks, infographics, and more.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of a Social Media News Release?
The main advantage of using a SMNR is of course the fact that technology today is so advanced and the use of the Internet and mobile Web is greatly used. The speed at which a SMNR can be sent to a client is within seconds. Many organizations and businesses today are utilizing social media, blogs, and online networking profiles. For profit organizations using SMNRs, they are reaching out more to people who are technology- and Internet-savvy, those of which who tend to be the innovators and leaders on the purchasing scale.

Also, using a SMNR rather than a traditional press release that is nearly totally text, the creator is allowed to be much more creative and give the viewer of the SMNR a much better visual than a few paragraphs can. And with the use of video and audio, a SMNR can go long ways. It is more attractive and perhaps entertaining for the viewer. On the other hands, some disadvantages of SMNRs are that they are more time-consuming and in some ways more costly. In some cases, a videographer, photographer, graphic designer, and much more might need to be hired. And there is no guarantee that your SMNR will be viewed by every person you send it to unfortunately.

When should a PR practitioner consider using a SMNR?
A PR practitioner should think about using a SMNR when they are trying to target an audience that is savvy with technology and also when they are trying to have competitive advantage over their opposers.

Links to websites that will help you create a SMNR:
1. PRWeb News Release Template and Creation Tool: And here is the article I read about it! (PRWeb Launches Tool to Help Pros with Multimedia News Release)

2. PRX Builder: Here is a wizard that shows you step-by-step how to create a social media news release.

Link to a SMNR that an organization has created:
1. Porsche – It has its logo, contact information, headline and sub-headline, text, photos, a video, and links – all the things that make up a social media new release!

2. Listerine – The same goes with this SMNR from Johnson & Johnson.

3. Pepsi – And doesn’t this make you thirsty for a Pepsi?

 Tips for SMNR creation:
1. Use good quality photographs with high resolution.

2. Use bullet-points, shorter paragraphs, and quotations. These are easier to read than bulky text.

3. Embed the SMNR in the e-mail message instead of sending it as an attachment. Some people might think it is risky to open attached files because of spam and harmful viruses.

4. Use the inverted pyramid technique when writing.

5. Test all of your links, spell check, and generally review your SMNR before submission. A release with errors loses much credibility.

6. Utilize a boilerplate at the very end to give the reader of the SMNR a little more background information on your company.

7. When typing the Subject Line if sending the SMNR via e-mail, be creative and make sure it is relevant to the client and sounds interesting.

No matter how much technology you employ to help make your message stand out from the crowd, if the message doesn’t resonate, the photos, links, and videos won’t help it.” –Michael Pranikoff, PR Newswire


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