GIRL SCOUTS: Weekly Summer Camp Day 5 & 6!

Unfortunately, there was no Day 5 (Tuesday, June 29th) because Lynette had to work and poor Gabby was suffering from food poison! (She’s all better now). So I had to call the day care and let them know we could not make it. Side note: Those young’ns are too much for one gal to handle! So I also called Amanda (Girl Scouts director) and told her I was cancelling it for the day. Luckily, she was very understanding about it because the previous week she had dropped by to visit and saw how wild (or should I say energetic) the girls are! Sixteen girls averaging at age 6 versus just ONE 23-year-old me…I would have been pulling out my hair, or unless they did it for me, lol.

Day 6 (Tuesday, July 6th) was definitely surprising! There was only five girls there with Lynette, Gabby, and I. The day care director said most of them were still on vacation with their parents. Must be nice. So anyway, we just sat down and talked to each other about the words “future” and “career.” It was such a relaxing environment and I was so glad that we could actually talk to the girls personally this time since there were just five of them. We asked them questions like what they wanted to do after high school and what they want to be when they grow up. Interesting answers they gave. They all dream of being fire-fighting, ballet-dancing, hair-styling brain surgeons! Lol, yes, ladies; the sky is the limit and the world is yours!

While we talked to them about making good grades and college and saving money, we all sat down and drew ourselves in the “future.” (I drew myself in a business suit standing at the end of the driveway to my mansion with my future husband and future sons standing on the porch, LOL!) And the little artists did a great job of drawing themselves in ballerina wear, fire trucks, and salon chairs!

The girls are growing fond of us. Now, they often hug us, cling to us, and draw us hearts and tell us they love us and that we’re “the best teachers in the world”…

…So I think I’m going to go cry now, lol. That is all.


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