Back-to-School Woes

Just a silly list of some things that bother me about the beginning of a new semester, or school in general! 🙂

  • It’s fun how everyone can always tell off top who the teachers’ pets are. They always make themselves known the first day of school coming prepared and fully equipped! Of course, we should all have printed and read the syllabus and purchased the required text books. But there are those who just have to be noticed by the professor at day one. They even resort to asking questions that have obvious answers just to get attention, lol. *shakes my head*
  • Professors that claim certain texts are “required,” so the students go out and purchase these expensive hardbacks only to find that it has collected layers of dust by the end of the semester.
  • Professors that read word-for-word the syllabus… News flash, we’re in college. We can read. Feel free to give us a brief overview and make explanations when needed. But ehhhh, we’ve all heard the honesty policy about cheating and the department attendance policy a million times. We get it. No hats or hoodies allowed during exams and 15 minutes late means absent. Thanks.
  • Better yet! Students that ask the professor for a copy of the syllabus! Ummmmm, it’s online and has been available for a week or two before school even started. Get a clue.
  • People who laugh at the freshman who are lost and use campus maps to find their way around…lol. Hey, stop laughing and help the kiddies out.
  • Girls (especially freshmen) who dress like they’re headed to tryouts for America’s Next Top Model… Yeah, have fun stumbling on the pedestrian on that cobblestone with your five-inch heels. You look great though; I see you! I’ll be just fine with my T-shirt on. Everyone already knows me, lol. I’m not trying to impress anyone.
  • It kills me when I overhead students after class saying things like, “The professor was just rambling the whole time. He didn’t even finish going over the Power Points. I don’t feel like I learned anything.” Well guess what? We are supposed to have read the chapter and the Power Points online prior to coming to class, so technically, he or she can ramble all they want to. We are still responsible for the material whether they went into complete detail or finished going over the notes. And actually, that rambling is useful if you would have read the book because he or she is giving life examples from their own experiences or that of their colleagues. They aren’t just up there making jokes, telling stories, and wasting time.

I’m sure there are a hundred more things about classes that irk me. But that’s all I could gather up for now 🙂


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