My Employee Evaluation

A couple weeks ago, I was evaluated at my job. I have been working there for going on two years, so I felt like my evaluation would be “alright.” But then I began asking myself how I would rate myself at the office. And I started to realize that the district manager is generally not the type to sugar-coat anything. If she sees something that needs improvement, she will definitely say so. So then I started worrying about what I thought she might tell me! Will she tell me that I have a problem staying focused? Will she tell me that I need to work on my time-management skills? Will she tell me that for an employee that has been working there this long I should have more knowledge about what I’m doing than what I have? I didn’t know what to think anymore!

I walked calmly into her office but inside I was a little nervous, lol. I peeked at the rubric and I was excited and relieved to see several marks in the “exceeds expectations” column! *FIST PUMP* The only thing I got marked off in the “needs improvement” column was the row that read “good judgment.” She explained to me that my only downfall was that I second guess myself too much. She said I have great skills but that I need to have more confidence in my own decisions and stop relying so heavily on guidance from management. And I guess she is right! I never realized that. While making judgments about how much money to loan someone based on how stable they are financially and based on the value and condition of their vehicle, I make a decision but at the end I guess I sort of back down and look to the assistant manager for final approval, even if I don’t need it… Or I ask questions I already know the answer to because I’m so afraid I’ll make a mistake or get something wrong.

I have been trying to work on this lately, because while this is true at work, this is also true in my life! I need to realize that I have what it takes and that I can do any task laid in front of me. The only thing I’m missing is the confidence I suppose…

I CAN DO THIS! *smile* Time to show and prove. A lack of confidence in our abilities and important¬†decisions can hold us back from alot of things in life. I’d rather regret doing something than regret not doing it. GO FOR IT!


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