President Obama’s Back-to-School Speech

Below is a link to a speech our president gave last week to grades K-12 about education. Check it out!

P.S. Among several comments at the bottom of the post that were quite unpleasant and discriminatory, I managed to find one from a high school student that was actually refreshing… *phew* I mean, people are so close-minded and negatively opinionated! Sure, I didn’t vote for John McCain. But I wouldn’t be throwing stones at him if he were elected as our president. This is the person leading OUR country. With that being said, we ought to pray for him or her daily — no matter what political party, disability, or race. It seems like some people search for outlets to express all their hate and anger because the person they voted for is not president. Anywho, here is what “katiebug09” had to say:

I’m only in highschool and i may not no a whole lot, but i do know that when i watched this speech it TRULY inspired me to do better. I had bad grades and im not saying what he said did it all but I am doing better. I don’t think we should be facing on the facts of his race and skin color, he is as much white as he is black. What we really need to focus on is our economy and how we can help. Obama IS our president now and there is nothing you or I can do about it. Instead of complaining about different things do it yourself. Personally I hoped Obama would not become our president but things happen and he is only one man who is trying to get our entire country out of our economic situations so try and help too. Nobody is perfect and i think he is doing a great job so far. You can believe what you want about “all he is saying is lies”, that’s your opinion and here is mine… Obama is now our president and i think he is doing a great job so far.


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