How Random!

All of the most random things I can think of about myself – all in one post.

  • My mom was going to name me Brett if I was a boy. She said because near the end of her pregnancy with me, she lived on Brett Drive. Wow okay, lol.
  • I have a severe case of mottephobia. Seriously!
  • I used to play volleyball in high school. I won Most Improved Player. So, basically – I initially sucked, lol. (Remember that cartoon show Daria? At the beginning how she stood at the back of the volleyball court and held her hand out when the ball came by? That used to be me, lol.)
  • My mom was born and raised on the island of Palau. She left when she was barely a teenager to attend missionary school in Hawaii, went to college and grad school at the University, then came to the U.S. and joined the military.
  • I love children. I know this is crazy because we can’t plan what gender child we can birth, but I have a dream plan for my family (lol). I’d like a girl, then twin boys, then one more girl or boy. And if our household’s finances permit, I would love to adopt a less fortunate infant as well… I love family, especially large families.
  • My sister and I had to suddenly move to Delray Beach, Fl. to stay with family for a semester and a half after the September 11th incidents. Both of our parents were in the military (now retired) and were afraid they’d be deployed. Thank God, they weren’t! But they were still very busy working on post at Ft. Gordon. I had to attend Atlantic High School and my sister attended Carver Middle School.
  • I have one sister, one step-sister, one half-sister, three step-brothers, and three half-brothers. And a funky fact about that is that coincidently, my sister and I as well as our step-brothers’ names begin with the letter J.

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