An Early Christmas List :)

This list consists of things I actually NEED (or things I want SO bad that it seems like a need, lol).

  1. Gift cards to any and every clothing/shoe store! You know, like Macy’s, Express, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Nine West, Aldo, Forever 21, Gap, whatever…
  2. Rosetta Stone – French language (took it for three years but I’d love to continue, or should I say “review” and then continue, lol)
  3. A violin (I played when I was younger for about 7 years and I have always, always wanted to pick it up again)
  4. A spring break trip!!! My first and last. I’m graduating in May 2011 and I have never been on any kind of college trip with friends! An all-expense paid trip to Miami, Vegas, or South Padre, Texas would make an awesome Christmas/Graduation gift 🙂
  5. Nintendo 64! Games I NEED are MarioKart and Double 07 Golden Eye and Diddy Kong Racing. I’ll kiss your feet!
  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, still thinking of more. To be continued!

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