Research What You’re Passionate About!

This all started as what I thought was a simple assignment for Public Relations Practicum – a one-credit course that PR students here take to assist us with careers (resume building, interview tips, exploring career opportunities, etc.). It’s a great course. Urkovia Andrews is the professor ( (side note: she’s awesome). She instructed us to write a paper after doing lots of in-depth research about our favorite organization/desired company. After looking at the instructions, I felt like it might be a tedious assignment with all the information she was asking from us! But once I really started, I got to see Girl Scouts with a different pair of eyes…

Here’s the paper I wrote on it, based on Andrews’ rubric:


Research what you’re passionate about and you could find a plethora of eye-opening information! On the other hand, you could even learn that something you are interested in isn’t as great as you thought. Either way, it’s a useful learning experience. I love the Girl Scouts! I had no idea they did all of those good deeds for this country!


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