Once upon a time…

I had a diet and fitness plan! Remember that blog post?! What a joke! I need to stick to my plans whenever I decide I want to cut out bad foods and start working out daily. SHEESH.

I realize I need to find what makes me really focus on staying with these plans, because in the past I have been able to stick with them long enough to see amazing results. Like in fall 2007, I had the willpower (from where I got this willpower, who knows) to cut out all fast food and drank no other beverage but water! I rarely took in anything sugary and I mostly ate the South Beach/Atkins Diet meals from Wal-Mart. Oh yeah, and lots of unsweetened orange juice. My biggest weight loss story is from August 2007 when I was 160 wearing size 11 jeans. In one week, I stopped eating after 5pm and jogged/played tennis every other day. I lost 10 pounds in one week – crazy, right?

BOTTOM LINE IS…what does Jasmine need to do RIGHT NOW to find a plan and stick with it?

This is what I’ll do (and let’s see how long it lasts). I plan on keeping a daily journal of what I eat at each meal/snack and also how many calories it was. I’ve found in the past that keeping track of calorie intake indirectly helps you eat less calories. Also in this journal, I’ll write down what exercise I did. As far as working out goes, I plan to attend at least four group fitness classes at the RAC on campus each week. The best classes for my school-work schedule are anything at 7 and beyond. So that’s Hip Hop on Mondays, Cardio Sculpt on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Spin-Sculpt on Wednesdays. If I’m ever feeling energetic enough, I’ll attend an Awesome Abs class at 8 afterward (hmmmm, sure).

Another thing that helps is having a partner that you know will help you stick through it. I have a partner and we BBM each other through out the day to see what we ate or what we did and to make sure we aren’t straying away from our fitness plans.

I think my BIGGEST problem (besides my bulge and love handles)(by the way, my handles have names: Ugly & Betty) is my busy schedule! I’m back and forth to work to classes and back to work then to organizational or academic meetings! So what foods and drinks that are most convenient are the ones that are worse for my body. NOT TO MENTION the fact that I have to hurry and scarf down the food before I go somewhere else.

Here is an interesting blog post about eating habits!! http://bodyhobby.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/is-your-culture-killing-you/

Okay, that’s all for today. We’ll see how this goes. “GOOD LUCK!” <— This is me screaming to myself, lol.


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  1. Hola Jazzy! I’m having similar issues! I just moved to the City earlier this month…& I miss the fitness center in my old complex =( I can feel the difference *smh* I actually enjoy working out once I get started, but it takes a lot of selfmotivation. Anywho…YOU CAN DO IIIIIT! Lol

    • THANKS, ZA!!!! I have actually been doing really well! Counting calories and documenting workouts in a log book every day help me to watch what I eat and drink and make sure I stay active. I haven’t lost any weight in pounds yet like I want, but I can definitely move the belt I wear to work every day over one more hole. *YAY* lol

      It’s a start!

  2. I’m glad you thought my blog post was interesting, thanks for linking to it! All the best with your blog!

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