There come times in life when you have to sit back and look at the blessings in front of you. And those blessings are not usually material things. They’re your loved ones. And aside from my parents and siblings whom I love and cherish dearly, I have two handfuls of true friends that I will forever appreciate.


Morgan Daniele (@MorganDaniele)… OMG! She’s my other half! She IS the number one. It broke my heart to a trillion pieces when we fell out last year BUT…I love this woman so much. She is the one and only person that I tell everything to. And I do mean everything! Might as well consider her my diary. I may not write in it every single passing day, but damn it, all my thoughts and feelings and all my secrets and dreams are in there! Morgan loves me for everything I am and she knows that I love her just the same. There is so much inside of Morgan that is passionate, intellectual, and beautiful. Just waiting on her to realize it. *wink* Love you much, Ying! I need you so I can function. Don’t leave me anymore, lol.

Azia (@azia_smith)… The reason I love Azia is because she has a huge heart. If I had to describe her with one word, I’d use: underestimated. Or deserving. She just works so hard and she’s unselfish and she continuously puts others first, day after day. She’s a smart and pretty woman, a good wife, a great mother, an awesome manager, and a friend I never want to say goodbye to. She puts in work and gives whatever she is dedicated to all she’s got. She is a very caring individual. I admire her for so many reasons, though I don’t think she realizes how much. And to add to the madness, she’s hilarious! Okay, maybe only I appreciate her sense of humor but she we always have each other laughing and in a good, good mood when we’re around each other. We started off  simply existing in the same workplace, but somehow out of nowhere we slowly began to bond and I realized, “Hey! This chick is pretty cool. I think I’m gonna add her to my list of favorite people.” Lol. Oh, snap!!!

Amanda Desiree’ (@D3siBaby)… What I love most about Amanda is that she is herself no matter who, what, where, when, or how! #BAOW. She isn’t afraid of being the only apple in a bunch of bananas. And I love her uniqueness. Her personality is so bubbly, colorful, and outgoing. It took me a while to get to where I am with her now, but I don’t regret anything and I am glad to have been able to be her roommate this semester. I feel like it gave us the opportunity to share the same living environment and share moments that only sisters would share. It made us closer and I’m glad it didn’t tear us apart – as is the case many a time when friends move in together. I admire most the fact that Amanda is a strong individual. She is a Leo and she definitely has the heart of a lioness. She’s loving, practical, open-minded, and fearless!

Erika Ervin (@SueshiRoll)… To me, Erika is perfect. I admire and respect her highly because she is the prototype. She is responsible, practical, nurturing, and wise. I often refer to her as that other half of my brain that I lack (since I am more right-brained individual). SHE is the “right hand man” I was blessed with while I was president of the Good Girlz. And from there, we grew into GREAT friends! Erika is so loving and driven and I can’t wait to see her when she gets to the top, because she definitely deserves it! Another hard-worker. I see you, sis!

Ashlei Bramlett… Geez, how would I begin with Miss Bramlett?! She reminds me of a freakin’ Care Bear! That’s how loving she is. My nickname for her is “Cupcake” ’cause she’s so sweet, lol! However, Ashlei is the friend who lives farthest away from me *tear* all the way in Raleigh! I met her while I was working at Sonic; she and her friends came up to Sonic where I was car-hopping. They were staying at the hotel next door because they were visiting for a flag football tourney I think it was. I loved them all but she is the one that stuck out in my heart and we’ve been in touch still for years after. I miss visiting her in North Carolina (#goodtimes) but I will definitely put that on the top of my to-do list for 2011!


Reggie Lawton… We met during our sophomore year both working at Sonic Drive-In. He seemed to be a little quiet so I always used to pick on him just for my personal entertainment, lol. But then I got to know him better and realized this dude can bite back, haha! I love Reggie to death because he is extremely hard-working, he’s intelligent, and we just click like we were meant to be life-long friends. We also value the same things, AND Reggie was/is always always always there for me when I needed him. Even when no one else was.

Justin Falls… The person I have known for the longest! Justin and I have known each other since age five and we still keep in touch! Man, I love this guy. I’ve known him since his rat-tail hair cut and he’s known me since my geek [braces-and-glasses] phase! He’s the loser I often wrote about in my diary in the ’90s and, look, here he is in my blog over a decade later, lol. He’s one of those friends I don’t have to talk to everyday but we still will be down for each other no matter what. We’ll go to the ends of the earth for each other if we need to. I truly believe that. He’s my best man. We go way, way back and have seen each other through some times! That is all… 🙂

Bryant Grant (@Bryant_G)… What up, son! (*in my NY voice* lol). Before I even knew Bryant like that, I just felt comfortable approaching him and to this day I am extremely comfortable just being myself around him – almost as if we’re siblings, okay not really siblings, lol. But I refer to him sometimes as my adopted brother, haha. Anyway, I love, respect, and truly trust Bryant so much because he has a big heart, he is the hardest working person I know of on planet earth, and he’s real. I admire him lots whether he realizes it or not. I am very drawn to him because of his personality/our chemistry and he’s a friend I plan to keep around. Yeah, you’re stuck with me, Bryant. Get over it.

Darnell Brown Jr. (@koolnupe5)… DARNELL! Where do I start? Oh man, Darnell is awesome in so many ways. He’s super smart, hard-working, a great father, loads of fun, and a very caring friend. He looks out for me. I look up to him (maybe not physically because he’s pretty short [LOL]). But anyway, yeah it’s weird; we met somehow on Facebook I think. He moved down here from Chicago and we started hanging out alot. I love him, his sense of humor, and I cherish every moment we have spent together…whether we were eatin’ salads at Mellow Mushroom, watching Family Guy episodes, at happy hour somewhere, or supposedly trying to do P90X, lol.

Wynton Crossley (@DJ411)… Wynton is that dude. I call him my “big little brother.” Not just because he’s tall, lol. But because he looks out for my best interest and he cares about me as if I were his sister. And my parents love him. And he’s the one who stayed with me for six hours in the ER (no thanks to East Georgia Medical Center for having me in pain that long!) and he’s the one who was there for me when I was crying over “some dude” who broke my heart and he was there when I was going through it with school and whatever else I needed him for. I met him his freshman year… We had a weight lifting class together. Me, him, and Bayo used to be goofing off in the gym every day in class, lol. Good times. I love my Wynnie the Pooh! (*hides*) He might beat me up for saying that. But I love this guy. I got first dibs on god-mom for your first born! #justsayin’


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