Campus Club Apartments Vs. The Avenue at Southern

There are approximately one million, three hundred twenty-four thousand reasons I could give to express why my choice is Campus Club. But due to time constraints and a WordPress limit on number of characters per blog post (if one even exists), I will stick with only my top fifteen reasons…

Now, the main things one would look for in a place to live is somewhere that is, of course, affordable according to their budget, somewhere that offers the basic amenities, and somewhere whose location is safe while not too far from school, the workplace, or grocery stores. But in a community where there are several apartment complexes concentrated in one central area that cater to the needs and wants of your typical college student, you’re going to have to offer some serious benefits to beat your competition.

And that’s what I’m here to discuss today…because I am almost sick of living here at “The Ave” formerly known as “The Players Club.” And I don’t know for sure whether it’s mostly because I was spoiled by the luxuries Campus Club offered us or if these here living conditions truly suck. But I am pretty sure it’s a good combination of both. I apologize in advance if someone who works for The Avenue ends up reading this blog post. However, I can say that my peers agree with these FACTS, and they aren’t just my opinions or feelings. In actuality, some of these thoughts – coming from a new tenant – could be most helpful in future planning. Consider it constructive criticism!

Here, I am going to list some pro’s and con’s for each apartment complex. When I list the pro’s, keep in mind that I’m only going to name a benefit in which one complex has a “one-up” over the other. In other words, both have swimming pools and both have washers and dryers, so no need to mention it.


PRO’s for The Avenue:

-“Hardwood” floors
-Movie theater in the leasing office
-Tennis court
-A pretty lake in the very back of the complex
-Quick responses from maintenance to tenants’ work orders/pest issues
-Movie rentals
-Free parking for tenants and our guests
-A pretty high cap for utilities

CON’s for The Avenue:

-Skinny parking spaces (Thanks for all the dings and scratches from people opening up their car doors. I’ve started parking far away now.)
-The brick on the outside of our buildings look like they haven’t been pressure-washed in decades
-The equipment in the tiny “fitness center” is probably from the 80s or 90s and needs repair/replacement (safety hazard)
-I haven’t seen so many spiders and earwigs in my life until living here! One of my roommates and I share a bathroom and live on one side of the apartment, so we always hear each other screaming when we find these baby tarantulas (<obviously an exaggeration) in our rooms. One time, she even had an asthma attack. It was scary. Don’t let this happen to you -__-
-The carpeting in the bedrooms is disgustingly ugly. It looks sort of like a multi-colored (brown/black/tan) rug from the seventies. And what’s worse, the bugs can blend in with it. If you see a piece of carpet begin to scamper across the room, it might be a spider.
-Dirty parking lot. Does anyone pick up trash or pressure wash around here?
-And last but most important of all, SAFETY! There have been about five armed robberies this semster in this complex alone. And I have not seen one police car or security guard hired to make tenants feel any safer. What would Campus Club do? I’ll tell you…

PRO’s for Campus Club:

-There is a Georgia Southern University Transit bus stop located at the complex. How convenient!
-Garbage disposals in the kitchen sinks
-A separate room for the washer and dryer so it’s not so loud
-The “breezeways” offer a little doorstep privacy.
-Carpet cleaners or full carpet replacement before each new tenant moves in (this is awesome)(especially since my apartment was not clean when I moved into The Avenue)
-Campus Club responds immediately when a crime occurs within or near the complex. Each time, a police officer was hired to guard the apartments for several days. He’d drive around each building from dusk to dawn. They also send out reminders to all apartments with tips on how to stay safe.
-Speaking of reminders, tenants can feel very connected with the leasing office employees because they are constantly sending us fun newsletters with renewal information, pictures, contests, and jokes; and they post flyers about events for residents (such as weekly pool parties, free food, and so much more).
-Patios! The patios are screened for privacy and large enough for you to have several guests lounging out on it. It’s especially nice in the spring, summer, and fall when there’s a nice breeze. This is also good for you if you have guests over who are cigarette-smokers or if you yourself smoke. You or your guests don’t have to go all the way outside. You can just step out on the patio if you need to.
-And besides, they have a really cool website whose photos are actually great representations of the apartments and leasing office areas! …Seriously. The entrance is so beautiful (with colorful flowers and plants) that my mom forced me and my younger sister on the day I moved in to stand in front of it so she could take a picture, lol. The complex is always clean and welll-maintained.

CON’s for Campus Club:

-Long sets of stairs
-Parking is not free. There is a low price for parking decals but this is only to ensure residents that they will have a parking spot. Campus Club is so close to the GSU football stadium that visitors may try to park in the complex illegally which takes up our space. If they don’t have a decal, we can have an unwanted guest removed.
-Campus Club is close to the stadium, which could be a good thing if you are a True Blue supporter. You can just walk to the games. However, the noise from the commentator and the band music may bother you if you are actually at home.

These two apartment complexes offer VERY similar basic amenities/floor plans/rent prices, but it’s the little things that count! It’s the little things that make life really worth living, lol. Thanks, Campus Club. You shall be missed. *three thumbs up* (if I had a third)

………………………………..PLEASE EXCUSE MY RANT! 🙂


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