My Current Project

I have had the pleasure for the past couple of months to begin business plans for my family’s non-profit organization. We are also in the process of selecting a Web and logo designer as well as obtaining a business license. This is so exciting for many reasons!

My family has always been passionate about helping others because God has blessed us and we feel it’s our responsibility as able humans to spread the blessings we receive. So whenever we see an opportunity to volunteer at church or in the community, we take it! My dad often gets his “chef” on for the soldiers at Ft. Gordon, my mom is always donating her time, clothing, toys, and food to people overseas or children in the neighborhood, and my sister and I are active on our campuses (she at Tuskegee University and me being at Georgia Southern University) partaking in community service projects as well as just lending a helping hand whenever we see someone in need.

We don’t document any of these hours because we don’t do it for recognition (but I guess I should start because it will look good on my resume as a college graduate). Our family was brought up to believe that it is our ethical duty. God gave us legs, hands, and a heart. So we will gratefully serve. Not only that, we find it rewarding spiritually! How good it feels to know that a soldier overseas is reading a Christmas card you wrote or to know that a poor mother and child are eating the food you served at a soup-kitchen!

My family is large, but our current household consists of my sister and I (whenever we’re home from college) and my parents, Charles and Flora Broadnax. All four of us have the compassion, determination, resources, and ability it takes to operate a non-profit organization. But I feel great to be able to use what I have learned in college to help execute these business plans. I have taken several courses in business, event planning, advertising and marketing, public relations, sales, organizational communication, campaign strategies, and more. And I am happy to have brought the initial idea and inspiration to the table.

We are excited to be able to put our four individual personalities and ideas together to form an organization that focuses on providing youth in the CSRA with skill-building workshops, fun-filled events, scholarships, and tutoring programs! Please stay tuned for more information as time goes on…



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