Hey Kev, Get Off Chris Brown’s Junk

First of all, let’s answer the question: who is Kevin Powell? In case you haven’t heard of him, he’s a writer, activist, and public speaker on politics, civil rights, corporate responsibility, social activism, Black America, and much more.

Now back in March, I saw that Mr. Powell posted a letter online that was a very personal and outwardly honest letter to R&B artist/actor Chris Brown in relation to the way Chris behaved on “Good Morning America” and about the 2009 domestic violence incident with his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna. The first thing I felt as I slowly read this “letter” was anger. I became enraged. Let me first confess that, yes, I am a Chris Brown fan. But to my defense, I am not biased because of my fanship…because once I initially read Kevin’s blog post in its entirety, I did ask myself a few questions…like, Am I angry because I’m a fan of his music/movies? Am I mad because of Kevin’s boldness and audacity? And most importantly I asked myself, what would my reaction have been if one of my own brothers or my father was in Chris’s shoes in this “open letter” situation?

And that final question validated my standpoint. I was angry because I felt like Kevin Powell took personal shots at the young singer and disguised it with artificial concern and ultimate fakeness, if you ask me. I am disgusted! If one of my brother’s had been in trouble for a situation like this, I and my entire family would be hurt, embarrassed, humiliated and ashamed, ALL OVER AGAIN. I would never want my anyone in my family to be ridiculed in such a way. Of course, abusing  a girlfriend is DEAD WRONG! But Kevin Powell’s so-called “open letter” was definitely unnecessary and probably did NOT help at all, as I’m sure Chris Brown did not care one bit to even read it! I honestly think that Kevin wanted the attention more than he actually wanted to help. He had really good intentions in the message itself trying to get Chris to understand his points of view and give him substantial advice. And maybe even the public letter could be helpful to other young men out there. However, this is an intimate and sensitive situation that should have and COULD HAVE been handled in the privacy of someone’s office or home.

This was a low blow. In my opinion, this was a ridiculous cry for publicity in general and a cry for attention from social media users. We all saw the news coverage  of the situation that occurred and we can all agree that domestic violence is down right rotten and dishonorable. But WHO DOES KEVIN POWELL THINK HE IS? A saint? A father figure? A role model? Sure, while he might be a highly intelligent and influential person, I think it was extremely low of Mr. Powell to post his personal thoughts and opinions on such an intimate subject. I mean, he acts like there is no such thing as mailing a personal letter to Chris Brown. There is also a pretty cool invention called “e-mail” that I’m not sure he has heard of.

Here is a link to the letter: http://www.kevinpowell.net/blog/2011/03/open-letter-to-chris-brown/

Please share your thoughts on this “open letter.” I think I just need further confirmation that this rant is not coming from just a fan. I’m trying to look at this situation from several different perspectives. Let me also add that I don’t want to stray away from the main point of my blog post by responding to people who have comments about the domestic violence. I only want to discuss the “letter.” That’s a debate that can wait for another day! None of us were there and no one can attest for what really happened anyway…


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