Letters For My Firstborn

I have recently found a new love. It happens to be writing letters to my unborn child. It might sound crazy to some at first. Because, no, I’m not pregnant nor am I married or planning on getting pregnant any time very soon. But think about how amazing it would be to capture your thoughts and emotions and ideas on paper to save up over time to present to your son or daughter when she is old enough to read and mature enough to appreciate its content. My children will have the opportunity to read these letters and learn about who I am and what kind of world I am living in. I’m writing about myself and my dreams, about our president, about entertainment, about my family and friends. There are priceless things in life which are memories and I am preserving these precious moments in word form for my children. It’s like a time capsule! It’s exciting! I’m planning to also do the same for my husband but just one letter. Have you ever written a message to your future self as well?

It might not be normal, but I often think about my future children. Like, what I would name them and I wonder what they might be like and I have all these things tumbling about in my mind; I just HAD to get them down on paper. And it’s a great feeling. At first, it’s…not weird but…different to be writing a letter to someone who does not yet exist but it will be awesome to look back on when my time comes; and I’m sure my children would love to read these on their twenty-first birthday or something like that.

I have written him or her four letters so far and I am loving it. After I began doing this, I Googled around to see what else I could find of people doing similar things. Check out these three: Lifeographer & CreativeMama & MommyMoi. I’m LOVING this idea.

I was also VERY happy to see a commercial with a similar idea! Have you seen it? I forget what the actual advertisement is for. But it shows a mother and father, Asian I think, and they’re emailing letters, photos, and videos to one certain email address (DearJudy@ or DearBonnie@ or whatever the daughter’s name was) and saving all these things unread in her inbox so that one day when she’s old enough she can read all those emails. Isn’t that such a beautiful idea? I don’t know if I want to keep my letters in my own personal handwriting or not though, because I feel like it’s way more personal that way. Or I could stay in touch with the ever-changing world of technology and actually have them as Word Documents, a blog for him or her, print them in a book, or have an email like DearJristan@email.com. Not sure yet. Still thinking about it. Having the letters in my handwriting is special. It’s a keepsake. It’s my heart and soul on paper. Then again, I could email him or her videos and photos as well. Maybe I’ll do both. We’ll see. That’d be nice. A scrapbook for letters and stuff and then the email for files. I don’t know about sharing my letters in a blog because I want them to be exclusive to only my future husband and our children. But I do think it is highly inspiring of the women who do publicly share their heartfelt stories online! I love those women. They’re great mothers and they are special people with beautiful writing skills. Kudos and God bless to you. Keep sharing! I may end up sharing one letter. Just one. Saving the rest for my Jristan. *wink*

Signed sincerely,

Someone’s loving future wife & mom


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