Still Hurting, Part II

I swear this is crazy. My alarm just went off at 8:30AM and interrupted yet another dream I was having of “him.” I dreamed that I had a wine social at my new apartment and I had invited him. He came over, everyone had a good time, but he awkwardly slipped out the door without me noticing, without saying goodbye. We didnt even really get to talk. The next day he called me and he told me about where he’s at in life. Said that he is happy with his career and finally ready to settle down and make some girl “his world.” And I was on my end of the phone wondering if he was hinting at me…or if this was him letting me know he’s moving on. Until he said “would you be jealous?” Ughhh. I fronted and started to say “jealous of what” but Jessica Sparks (a girl I knew in kindergarten [random]) tapped me on my shoulder and interrupted our convo, so I put him on hold to see what the heck she wanted. Then my alarm went off… But his voice sounded so real šŸ˜¦

So if anyone has tips on how to forget a guy or home remedies for brainwashing, spill it! Please and thank you.

Signed, Hurting Heart


………………………Anyway, now that I’m up, guess I’ll start getting ready for church.


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