Why You’ll Love Adopt-A-Horse, Inc.

I’ve been wanting to go horseback riding since last summer. For this Memorial Day, I was blessed to be able to have off work for a four-day weekend so I decided I’d do some research on some of the best places in Georgia to go on a scenic ride. It didn’t take me long to come across Adopt-A-Horse, Inc. and I fell in love. I made the phone call. I booked my riding appointment.

What attracted me to this ranch were the beautiful photos on the website of the horses, ponies, and dogs but most of all the scenery. You know how some people and most food look so much better in pictures because they’re all carefully fancied up? Well, this is not the case. It looks just as beautiful in person – no, more beautiful in person. Green trees tall as skyscrapers, trickling glass streams, meadows of high golden grasses and wildflowers, the sparkling watery highway called the Alcovy River. And it really does sparkle, I’m not exaggerating. I even saw a fawn and a few bunnies running freely. It was so sweet.

But what was truly the most beautiful thing about this ranch is that its whole existence is dedicated to the well-being of horses that are in need of a good, stable home as well as offering therapy to children who are victims of abuse. And let me tell you, there is no way you can visit this breath-taking site and not leave feeling much more appreciated and happier than you were when you arrived. This ranch is doing some amazing things for people in the Atlanta area as well as visitors from far away places. But not only for people but for the horses too. So as a non-profit organization, the donations we make on the site all go toward upkeep of the ranch and care for the horses which provide hope and faith to kids and even adults who have been sexually abused. The children help the horses and the horses help the children.

This place is safe, fun, kid-friendly, and beautiful! Lucky for the horse trainer Dennis and I for choosing such a perfect morning to ride! That Saturday, it was misty with just a tad bit of sun light…well, until noon rolled around and the sun began to blaze! But I had a great time and I highly recommend you treat yourself and a friend to a ride there.

There are even better pics on the website (www.adopt-a-horse.org) but I snapped some of my own with my iPhone. View more photos of my trip:


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