Movie: The Help

Watching The Help was a phenomenal experience. It truly takes you back in time to a racist Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s where a young, radical writer – Eugenia (aka Skeeter) – has just come back home from Ole Miss with big dreams. Little does she realize exactly how much mayhem those dreams are going to cause, but she is courageous and passionate from beginning to end.

The movie is full of battles here and there: Black maids battling the white households in which they work. Skeeter’s mother is battling with cancer. But on a larger scale, Skeeter battles constantly with society. She stands out from the norm throughout the entire movie whether it’s because she’s the last woman in Jackson who has not found a man or that she is dangerously compassionate towards coloreds. It rekindled my appreciation of how far Black people have come since the Civil Rights period and to remember how much social chaos that the South as a whole has overcome.

Now that I’ve seen the film, I now feel compelled to read Kathryn Stockett’s novel. The movie was very fascinating. It really does a good job of taking the viewer – Black or White – back in time to be able to see many different perspectives of racial issues in the south in the 60s. I was either laughing or on the verge of crying throughout the movie. I certainly wish I could’ve seen much more of Cicely Tyson (Constantine). She is such an amazing and captivating actress — gosh, I love her!  Her two minute spill was most definitely a tease. I also wish that the ending could’ve given a little more. I feel like it wasn’t a very strong conclusion to such a concrete plot. The way Aibileen just walked away from that last scene… It kind of left me thinking, “Is that it?” The credits even started rolling as she strolled on down the street and no one got up from their seats… “The end?”

But I highly recommend any and everyone to go see it. I guarantee you’ll love it. You WILL fall in love with The Help’s remarkable cast. Emma Stone did a beautiful job here. And Viola Davis (Aibileen) along with Octavia Spencer (Minny) were extremely enchanting and authentic; I fell in love with them! I’d also like to give credit to Bryce Dallas Howard (Hilly) and Jessica Chastain (Cicelia). My first time seeing them and I loved them as well.


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