Let Chaz Dance

Read: http://m.yahoo.com/news?.ybx=hero#/stories/article?cat=entertainment&id=ap%2Fus_chaz_bono_dancing_with_the_stars&ref_w=frontdoors

What are your personal thoughts on the casting of a transgendered person?

Personally, I think people are being completely heartless and outrageous with some of the things they are saying about ABC, DWTS, and poor Chaz. I think the show made a great move toward diversity and I commend them for it because that’s pretty courageous of them. Persons who are outwardly against this, however, need to realize that this is not going to harm anybody. They’re so worried about protecting our children – good – but kids can’t look at Chaz and tell that he used to be a woman. And how are we setting a good example to them by saying hurtful things about him? Is this how we want them to treat someone at school who is gay or who looks different or who has different beliefs? We don’t have to accept the LGBT “lifestyle” if that’s not something we support or believe is right. But it’s evident that our country is slowly but surely growing into a more accepting nation. So get with the program or move. Remember, years ago, a gay person could not even serve our country by participating in our armed forces! All I’m saying is: just don’t watch the show if you are unhappy about the cast. I haven’t really gotten into DWTS before but I’ll definitely be tuning in now. I appreciate what ABC/DWTS has done here. I also commend Chaz on being such a strong and positive person about the situation. I can’t imagine what he must be going through with all this bashing and controversy. I’ll be praying for him… And isn’t that what a true Christian should do? Psshh, hypocrites.


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