When Grapes Go Bad

This passage is in response to SUNDAY SCHOOL: WHEN GRAPES GO BAD by Jawaan W. Continue to check back on his site every Sunday for some good Word!

“Thanks for taking the time out to share this. It’s a great lesson that banks on such a simple analogy. I love it.

I’m so happy for you first of all for your site that’s under construction 🙂 and in that way you can continue to inspire me and others as well!

This lesson hit home hard for me as well. I remember, it was one November Sunday back in 2009. I was at Elm Street Baptist and my heart was called to give my life back to God. My older friend there -Sister Logan- was the first to come up and greet me afterwards. She and I were both so excited about this major life change and she prayed with me. She kept saying though that she wanted me to “be careful” and to “stay focused.” She told me, You’re beautiful and young and I am going to pray that God protects you on this road. But inside I was slightly confused: how could I ever go wrong now??? I’m fly and Jesus is my co-pilot! Watch out! lol

Well, truth is. She was right. I ignorantly and immaturely thought that now that I was living life with a new fence that I was doing it big and nothing could get to me. And slowly but surely I lost focus and the devil claimed me back. I love this passage because it reminds me of how stupid I was back then. My prayers slowly started going from actually talking to God to being quick routine blurbs with my eyes closed. And so on. I started back living my life for me when I was supposed to be living life for Him. Sure, it felt great to proclaim that I was willing to give up my will for His.

But MY MISTAKE was that I did not take the time out to clear out ALL of my stones, to keep a STRONG fence, and to tend to ENRICHING my SOIL on a daily basis. What type of crop was my soil producing? Probably raisins lol.

Seriously though, this passage reminded me of how great I felt that Sunday with my brand new fence but also reminded me of the mindset I failed to have after I left the church that day. It will go on to remind me to continue working on my vineyard every single day!!!!!!! There is no way we can be a light to others like He made us to be if we are living in the dark!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too, Jawaan!”


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