My Fav Apps

I’ve been on “#teamiPhone” since February when I got the 4. I’m here to share my favorite apps with you! Actually, I’ve been told that I don’t take advantage of my iPhone in the way that I should, lol. So if you know of any apps that are cooler than the ones I’m about to name, let me know lol. (I pretty much only got the iPhone for the ability to Face Time!)

  • Our Daily Bread: It’s easy to use, provides you with the appropriate Bible scriptures to go with the “bread,” and even an option to listen to the passage instead of having to read it, which is good if you’re on the go, like me – I listen to it on the way to work each day.
  • Echofon > Twitter for iPhone
  • Shazam: I don’t think I can live without this app. I love music and I love that I can discover new songs and re-discover old classics…especially when I don’t know the name of the song or artist.
  • FourSquare: I don’t really see any other purpose for this app besides the fact I can share my location with my Facebook and/or Twitter friends. And that they can share theirs with mine. Like giving tips on what to order at a certain restaurant or good deals at a certain store.
  • P Tracker (ladies only!!): You can now track your cycle with the coolest app ever, lol. This app has more going on than you can even imagine. You can log your moods, cravings, symptoms, etc. each day of the month, you will receive alerts when it’s almost “that time,” and you can choose from several different fun, girly skins and settings. It’ll even put your ovulation, fertility, and intimacy into [accurate] calendar form ……..Yeah. Having a cycle just got taken to another level, lol.
  • You can’t go without the Camera+ app!! The picture quality on the iPhone is already phenomenal. But you can turn mediocre photos into quality shots with the editing you can do with this app. Options include changing the lighting/colors, several cool effects, cropping, captions, and borders.

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