Fun Questionnaire

My family: IS MY ROCK!!!

My work: another degree; starting a non-profit org; and a full-time job for a loan company

My passion: putting a smile on everyone’s face, because that’s what really puts one on mine

My favorite possession: a gift from my cousin Kelsey — a Palauan-English dictionary (it’s sentimental because she gave it to me the first time we met and got to spend time really getting to know each other)

My hometown: Augusta, Georgia ~ home of the Master’s Golf Tournament and the Godfather of Soul James Brown!

I’m thinking about: whether my spouse is going to be someone I already know today……. (random I know)

Words I live by: “Take the I’M out of IMPOSSIBLE”

I can’t live without: faith, because without it I’m not truly living

I am most proud of: my mom — born and raised on a small island, sent herself to missionary school, graduated top of her class, went to University of Hawaii, got her Masters, joined the Army, started her own business, the list goes on and on!

What keeps me awake at night: drinking too much coffee during the day while at work (borderline addict)

One thing I never want to do again: disappoint my parents

I am guilty of: living my life on the edge 😉

Right now I’m reading: “Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment,” by Sophia A. Nelson

My theme song: “Closer” by Goapele

If I had a vanity plate on my car, it would say:  POWER

If I could do it all over again: High school. I was so sheltered by my parents and just naturally shy that I could not allow myself to fully enjoy those four years.

My favorite body part:  my legs

The food I could eat every day: sub sandwiches, ‘eat fresh’

My best friend says I am: hilarious (but that’s probably only because we’re the only ones who understand and/or accept our own humor, lol)

I wish I’d known: my biological grandparents on both sides… I only know my stepfather’s parents (<I also wish I had known my stepfather’s side of the family since I was born, they are really all I know… …I actually don’t even refer to him as my “step” dad! He’s MY DAD.) I do know a few aunts/uncles/cousins on my mom’s side (whom I absolutely love) but I still wish I could have gotten to know my mom’s parents and the rest of her family.

The world would be a better place, if only: if violence and greed didn’t exist

I’d like to learn to: speak Palauan fluently

Something most people don’t know about me: I have a serious phobia of moths -__-

The smartest woman I know: my mother is so wise, how could I not say her

My first job: was working as a Sonic carhop – FUN!

What are you most vain about?  I actually can’t say that I’m vain about anything

Whose diary would you most like to read?  Michelle Obama’s!!

Never… take ANYthing for granted

Always… give thanks!

Obtained from: Savannah Skirt


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