Far From Perfect But Someone Thinks I’m To Die For

Something Brother Dan said at church this morning struck me and got me thinking. Whenever I think on my spiritual life and my walk with God, the question in the back of my head is always, WHAT DOES GOD MEAN TO ME? And what follows is, What am I doing each day to glorify Him and thank Him and follow His word?

But Brother Dan got to talking (like he always does in his little “prelude sermons” as I like to call it lol), and he was talking to us about how parents should lead by example for their kids. Children are too young to have jobs and too young most of the time to have true appreciation for things their parents do for them. So he went on to say how parents provide for them and give them gifts not because they have done anything to earn it yet but simply because they love and care for them. He then said that the same goes for God. We are sinners yet He still blesses us day to day with more than we could ever ask for! He even sent his son to suffer and die for us. Even when we don’t deserve it, God gives us His mercy and He watches over us and always gives us exactly what we need. God doesn’t OWE us anything. If God stop providing for me from this day forward, I can not complain. He has done more than enough. And what have I done to deserve everything I have? Brother Dan then posed a question that I hadn’t really thought of, DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN TO GOD? And that’s what really got me to thinking. And it made me feel even more uplifted and grateful and ten times more blessed…

I have a new car that I don’t wash? I have books that I haven’t even finished reading? I have a cell phone with a bill I hadn’t paid yet? I have a job that I have the nerve to show up late to? I have clothes that still have tags on them? I have food sitting in the fridge that I haven’t bothered eating yet? I have a college degree? YES – I have MORE than enough. Some one in this world doesn’t even have clean water to bathe in or clean shoes to walk in. I thank God everyday for what I have. But sometimes we really have to stand back and take a look at our lives. I mean a whole lot to God, and He has blessed me in sooooo many different ways. That makes me feel really good.

>>> The simple fact that He has given me ALL that He has given me so far just goes to show me that He sees great big potential in me and that He expects A LOT out of me…



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