American Idol 11

The most interesting part of A.I. of course is the auditions!! They started off the season visiting Savannah and here’s what I thought about the people they decided to send to Hollywood (out of the ones I can remember):

• Laura Mink – average voice, sweet personality.
• Ashley Altise – wow…her personality was out there, and so was her hair and style of dress. But man did her voice blow me away! She’ll definitely be needing some maintenance on the outside though. *joy hops* I support. Even though I somehow feel like it was her dad who wrote the “pants on the ground” hit.
• Brittany Kerr – extremely, extremely hot chick, average voice.
• the guy from Attapoxa (the spelling is SO wrong lol) who quit his job even though he has a baby on the way in 3 months – I wish him/them the best.
• the young woman who was living in a tent!!! I pray she makes it far. I love how happy and optimistic she was being; she was almost glowing. And some of us who have real homes have the nerve to complain about life… God bless her!
• Skyler Dixon – I know she was extremely bummed that the judges requested her brother to audition again this year b/c it took ALL of the spotlight from her 😦
• last but not least, Phillip Phillips!!! I’m down for him making it to the final cut. He’s a home made heart throb. In my opinion, he definitely has what it takes to be the next A.I.

I also have to add that the African guy completely butchered my favorite Rascal Flatts song 😦 lol!

Sincerely, Scotty fan


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