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For Those Who’d Like Modeling Advice

I remember like yesterday the day modeling first sparked my interest…

I was maybe 15 or 16 years old, playing around online, and came across a young woman’s profile. She had a sparkle in her eye that caught my eye immediately. As I started to browse, I read that she was a college student majoring in something like computer science and that she was living in Atlanta. She was a beautiful combination of Korean and African-American and my attention was definitely drawn to her. She had a great talent for the camera and her descriptions seemed as if she was also a very sweet and intelligent lady. Then I noticed she had a website; it was (find her now at @tomikaskanes). And she had all kinds of tips and FAQ about the modeling industry that could help someone get started. So that was it. I was hooked.

I mean, I loved to take pictures. Would I be any good? Possibly. Would my parents let me? Absolutely not. “Modeling” had a worldly connotation in the minds of Christian/military parents! But I decided I do all the research I could until I went away to college and had a real opportunity. And that’s exactly what I did. I did everything this Tomika-lady said to do.

So I started modeling (as a hobby) during my freshman year traveling back and forth to Atlanta on the weekends. I was in LOVE with being in front of the camera once I really warmed up and felt comfortable enough with my body. Sophomore year, I even lost the 30 pounds I had gained my first year! Wow, I know.

Here I am. Here are four basic steps I took. If you have any other questions, which many of my Facebook friends do, just feel free to send me a message or comment!

  1. Join Upload clean, clear photos – a head shot, a full body shot, and a 3/4 shot. As a new model, you will probably want to wear little to no make up in at least a couple of the pictures. If you don’t have any professional modeling pics yet, upload anything of yourself you can find that is clean.
  2. NETWORK! Add people in your area (models, photographers, make-up artists, designers, etc.). View their work and learn good tips from them. Make friends with these people. Industry people are always looking to network with you, even if you’re new. Most people are extremely helpful and friendly! But just as with any online network, be careful. Don’t share too much personal information. Creeps are everywhere on the Internet.
  3. Ask for TFP or TFCD work with photographers who has quality images. This means Time For Print or CD (of images that are taken during the shoot). You are trading time with each other in exchange for photos you will receive afterward. This means no one gets paid; essentially, it’s a free shoot. Most well-known and established photographers do not offer this however. Just remember, you have to start somewhere and work your way up.
  4. Choose only one or two of your best shots from each shoot – preferably a head shot and a full shot. It doesn’t always look good to upload ten pictures from one shoot. Just do this and continue to network and pratice posing in the mirror and keep your eyes/ears open for professional casting calls.

If you want to go into runway, print, acting, it’s best to find someone experienced in that area and have them mentor you. But I’m sure these four steps are a great way for you as a beginnger to get your feet wet. I HOPE THIS HELPS!





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Jasmine Stewart – Online Resume


Jasmine Stewart, CSR/PR student



Whether you’re my professor, a potential employer, you follow me on Twitter, we are friends on Facebook, or we know each other from school or work, here is a BIG thanks from me to you for visiting my blog and for viewing my Social Media Resume! I hope you found it impressive. Please comment if you have any critiques, tips, or suggestions! They would be greatly appreciated. Also, use the stars below to rate my social media resume.


Once upon a time…

I had a diet and fitness plan! Remember that blog post?! What a joke! I need to stick to my plans whenever I decide I want to cut out bad foods and start working out daily. SHEESH.

I realize I need to find what makes me really focus on staying with these plans, because in the past I have been able to stick with them long enough to see amazing results. Like in fall 2007, I had the willpower (from where I got this willpower, who knows) to cut out all fast food and drank no other beverage but water! I rarely took in anything sugary and I mostly ate the South Beach/Atkins Diet meals from Wal-Mart. Oh yeah, and lots of unsweetened orange juice. My biggest weight loss story is from August 2007 when I was 160 wearing size 11 jeans. In one week, I stopped eating after 5pm and jogged/played tennis every other day. I lost 10 pounds in one week – crazy, right?

BOTTOM LINE IS…what does Jasmine need to do RIGHT NOW to find a plan and stick with it?

This is what I’ll do (and let’s see how long it lasts). I plan on keeping a daily journal of what I eat at each meal/snack and also how many calories it was. I’ve found in the past that keeping track of calorie intake indirectly helps you eat less calories. Also in this journal, I’ll write down what exercise I did. As far as working out goes, I plan to attend at least four group fitness classes at the RAC on campus each week. The best classes for my school-work schedule are anything at 7 and beyond. So that’s Hip Hop on Mondays, Cardio Sculpt on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Spin-Sculpt on Wednesdays. If I’m ever feeling energetic enough, I’ll attend an Awesome Abs class at 8 afterward (hmmmm, sure).

Another thing that helps is having a partner that you know will help you stick through it. I have a partner and we BBM each other through out the day to see what we ate or what we did and to make sure we aren’t straying away from our fitness plans.

I think my BIGGEST problem (besides my bulge and love handles)(by the way, my handles have names: Ugly & Betty) is my busy schedule! I’m back and forth to work to classes and back to work then to organizational or academic meetings! So what foods and drinks that are most convenient are the ones that are worse for my body. NOT TO MENTION the fact that I have to hurry and scarf down the food before I go somewhere else.

Here is an interesting blog post about eating habits!!

Okay, that’s all for today. We’ll see how this goes. “GOOD LUCK!” <— This is me screaming to myself, lol.

An Early Christmas List :)

This list consists of things I actually NEED (or things I want SO bad that it seems like a need, lol).

  1. Gift cards to any and every clothing/shoe store! You know, like Macy’s, Express, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Nine West, Aldo, Forever 21, Gap, whatever…
  2. Rosetta Stone – French language (took it for three years but I’d love to continue, or should I say “review” and then continue, lol)
  3. A violin (I played when I was younger for about 7 years and I have always, always wanted to pick it up again)
  4. A spring break trip!!! My first and last. I’m graduating in May 2011 and I have never been on any kind of college trip with friends! An all-expense paid trip to Miami, Vegas, or South Padre, Texas would make an awesome Christmas/Graduation gift 🙂
  5. Nintendo 64! Games I NEED are MarioKart and Double 07 Golden Eye and Diddy Kong Racing. I’ll kiss your feet!
  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, still thinking of more. To be continued!

How Random!

All of the most random things I can think of about myself – all in one post.

  • My mom was going to name me Brett if I was a boy. She said because near the end of her pregnancy with me, she lived on Brett Drive. Wow okay, lol.
  • I have a severe case of mottephobia. Seriously!
  • I used to play volleyball in high school. I won Most Improved Player. So, basically – I initially sucked, lol. (Remember that cartoon show Daria? At the beginning how she stood at the back of the volleyball court and held her hand out when the ball came by? That used to be me, lol.)
  • My mom was born and raised on the island of Palau. She left when she was barely a teenager to attend missionary school in Hawaii, went to college and grad school at the University, then came to the U.S. and joined the military.
  • I love children. I know this is crazy because we can’t plan what gender child we can birth, but I have a dream plan for my family (lol). I’d like a girl, then twin boys, then one more girl or boy. And if our household’s finances permit, I would love to adopt a less fortunate infant as well… I love family, especially large families.
  • My sister and I had to suddenly move to Delray Beach, Fl. to stay with family for a semester and a half after the September 11th incidents. Both of our parents were in the military (now retired) and were afraid they’d be deployed. Thank God, they weren’t! But they were still very busy working on post at Ft. Gordon. I had to attend Atlantic High School and my sister attended Carver Middle School.
  • I have one sister, one step-sister, one half-sister, three step-brothers, and three half-brothers. And a funky fact about that is that coincidently, my sister and I as well as our step-brothers’ names begin with the letter J.

“What Happened to The Good Girlz?”

Finally, here is the raw and uncut answer…

But first, The Good Girlz would like to apologize to our fans and supporters for just disappearing the way we did with no explanation or warning. We truly appreciate all of your love over the two years in which we were in existence! Now here is the answer some of you have been asking for.

The Good Girlz was founded by a well-known aspiring rap artist/Georgia Southern student in 2007. We first began as only three random, very amateur female models — one Georgia Southern student (myself) and two Savannah State students (his cousin and her friend). Our purpose was to promote his music — performances, mixtapes, videos, parties, download links, etc. But we very quickly sprouted into a small but popular promotional modeling group and began to gain more models. We immediately became known for our hard core dedication and loyalty toward this aspiring rapper, mostly because our take-over of the World Wide Web! If he gave us a task, we were on it immediately and we went hard. I actually believe that if it wasn’t for our beauty that people would have written us off as spammers! However, our fan base grew to thousands and several girls started inquiring and applying to have a spot on The Good Girlz modeling team.

Our popularity and success was not expected at all. We were supposed to just be the face of his label, passing out flyers and sending out mass Facebook messages. But we gained so much exposure from our undying promotional tactics –not only for the artist but for ourselves as aspiring models– that we just had to take the opportunity and run with it.

We started being contacted by several photographers in and out of state who were interested in working with us, we were inquired about for hire by casting directors for music videos, and we were definitely without a doubt called on by the event planning and promoting kings of the nightlife. People either wanted us for their online magazines, music videos, or to hire us to promote for them (since we were so excellent at promoting)! And all the while, we still did what we were supposed to do for the said aspiring rapper and his label. So what went wrong and when?

Long story short, we were dropped from the label. We were unhappy with our position in the organization, we felt highly unappreciated, and so on. As a branch of the label, I guess we expected more from them. We put in WORK. People would always tell us that we went hardcore with promoting the label’s music and events, day and night. No other promo group went to the levels that we did. We were serious and about our business! We felt unappreciated so I guess it started to show in our work… :-/ We had no motivation. We also felt like they didn’t want to get to know us because we suggested time and time again that we have socials as an organization or at least have meetings on a regular basis so that everyone could make suggestions and share business ideas. But…oh well.

Working (and playing) with the Good Girlz was the highlight of my college career – the meetings, the photo shoots, the parties, the everything! We have this sisterhood that is unlike any other. It is just unfortunate that we had to end. We could have continued on our own but we decided that we would just focus the rest of our time in college on our academics and restart on the modeling path on our own time.

Thank you to EVERYONE who was supportive of us! You were die hard just like we were and we will never forget that! 🙂

(Shout out to the following Good Girlz in order by when they joined: Morgan Daniele, Mia McDaniel, Shatique Clark, Erika Ervin, Vania Taylor, Seannika Smith, Alana Pulliam, Iliana Douge, Ashley Jenelle Williams, Tanisha Mosley, & if I forgot anyone I sincerely apologize! Also big shout out to the members of the label as well as Alex Hall who was an amazing presidential assistant to Erika and I!)

And speaking of Morgan Daniele, I met my now best friend in 2007 via the formation of the Good Girlz modeling group! XOXO

My Employee Evaluation

A couple weeks ago, I was evaluated at my job. I have been working there for going on two years, so I felt like my evaluation would be “alright.” But then I began asking myself how I would rate myself at the office. And I started to realize that the district manager is generally not the type to sugar-coat anything. If she sees something that needs improvement, she will definitely say so. So then I started worrying about what I thought she might tell me! Will she tell me that I have a problem staying focused? Will she tell me that I need to work on my time-management skills? Will she tell me that for an employee that has been working there this long I should have more knowledge about what I’m doing than what I have? I didn’t know what to think anymore!

I walked calmly into her office but inside I was a little nervous, lol. I peeked at the rubric and I was excited and relieved to see several marks in the “exceeds expectations” column! *FIST PUMP* The only thing I got marked off in the “needs improvement” column was the row that read “good judgment.” She explained to me that my only downfall was that I second guess myself too much. She said I have great skills but that I need to have more confidence in my own decisions and stop relying so heavily on guidance from management. And I guess she is right! I never realized that. While making judgments about how much money to loan someone based on how stable they are financially and based on the value and condition of their vehicle, I make a decision but at the end I guess I sort of back down and look to the assistant manager for final approval, even if I don’t need it… Or I ask questions I already know the answer to because I’m so afraid I’ll make a mistake or get something wrong.

I have been trying to work on this lately, because while this is true at work, this is also true in my life! I need to realize that I have what it takes and that I can do any task laid in front of me. The only thing I’m missing is the confidence I suppose…

I CAN DO THIS! *smile* Time to show and prove. A lack of confidence in our abilities and important decisions can hold us back from alot of things in life. I’d rather regret doing something than regret not doing it. GO FOR IT!

“Flora” – My Amazing Mother

My mom. Born: Flora Sylvia Yashinto. If I even attempted to sum up the story of my mom — well, I just couldn’t. Her life truly deserves to be a published biography. But she would never. She is so humble and private. So one word we could use to describe her: Amazing.

Since she won’t let me tell her life story, I can only tell you the Flora that I know of from my own experience. Growing up, my mom and I did not get along for several major reasons. But the BIGGEST reason was that I could not handle her old-fashion island ways combined with her military style discipline. Oh, it was the worst! Especially for me, the guinea pig, the oldest child in the household. Life was fine as a baby – I was the only child, daddy’s little girl, mommie’s little dress-up doll (this is when I started modeling, thanks Mom, lol). Then my younger sister, the baby, everybody’s “Li’l Bit,” was born three years after me – spoiled. But then I became the middle child when one of my [new] Dad’s sons moved in with us in our high school years – he who got away with murder, lol. So I suddenly became THE REBEL! I won’t get into all of that. I mean, I was still a pretty good daughter. I made excellent grades, was in honor  and gifted programs, involved with orchestra, marching band, and volleyball. Even stayed away from boys. I had my few best friends and that was all. But the most important thing of all in a teen girl’s life is her mother. And my mom was ALWAYS there for me, no matter what. The thing was just that we didn’t get along. I never talked to her about my personal life – friends, crushes, hobbies, nothing. Our household’s main concern was good report cards during the year and vacation bible school during the summer – no lie. (Fun factoid: We spent our summers doing store-bought work books, learning how to type, etc. My mom is a home school teacher, smh! What fun, right?) …best believe I thanked her later.

[Disclaimer: We had an awesome childhood, don’t get me wrong! Our childhood might have been filled with academics and discipline thanks to our military parents. But we had a ball! My sister and I were forced to develop these wildly creative imaginations since we couldn’t go outside the yard to play with our friends. We spent ALL of our time together – building forts, making-up games, storytelling, doing art, singing, dancing – and all the time we learned to finally get along and love each other to death.]

But I really wish my mom would have been one of those moms I could tell just about anything to. Maybe she could have helped me with my sad, puppy-love heartbreak nights in the 6th grade or helped me deal with drama with girls at school. Instead I filled that void with anything that fit and resented her.

The problem was my mom was too afraid to make mistakes with raising us and wanted to provide us with all the care, love, structure, and protection that she lacked as a child – even if it was too much love and protection for us. But sitting right here at age 23 and looking back on my life, I don’t regret not one butt-whooping, punishment, or even cell phone smash, LOL! She made me who I am today and I want to follow in her footsteps. Now that she and I can understand each other (and I’m not living with them anymore, as a rebel teen), we can most genuinely appreciate each other for who we really are and we have the greatest relationship ever!

You could look at my mom today and NEVER EVER be able to sense whether she lived a rough, tough, near-death life or not… She is doing extremely well — she has her own successful business, she has two intelligent/beautiful daughters, she’s got all the womanly things a girl could want (clothes, bags, jewelry, perfumes, GALORE!) but most of all she finally has a hard working, loving, God-fearing husband now in our lives that she deserves (who I truly can consider my real Dad).

[Sidenote: “Anyone can be someone’s father, but it takes a real man to be a DAD.” Hmm…. One day I’ll post a blog about “My Amazing Dad.”]

I love you: Charles & Flora Broadnax, Justin Broadnax, Jade Stewart. I have several people in my family. But these are the people I grew up with.


I Wonder…

Random thoughts. Some serious, some silly.

I wonder why women hold their mouths open when we put on eye make-up
I wonder where dreams come from
I wonder if Obama ever looked at himself in the mirror as a kid and said, “I’m going to be the first Black president”
I wonder what babies think about
I wonder if animals fall in love
I wonder if we literally burn in hell for eternity after we die given that we didn’t lead a Christian life
I wonder what my mom thought I was going to look like or be like while she was pregnant with me
I wonder what MY kids are going to look like and be like!
I wonder how my phobia of moths developed
I wonder who invented waffles
I wonder how old my mom was when she decided she wanted to move to America
I wonder if super models have genuine high confidence and self-esteem levels about their appearance, or if they are just like us “regular” gorgeous girls who sometimes have low moments/thoughts about the way we look
I wonder if there will ever really be flying cars before the world comes to an end
I wonder how I’m so lucky to have such a perfect man come into my mom’s life after a bad divorce with my father
I wonder about the woman who invented nail polish
I wonder what job I will have when it is time for me to retire
I wonder what race my future husband is going to be
I wonder which of my nine siblings is going to get engaged next; so far one is married and two are engaged
I wonder alot of random things in my daydreams…

How to Move On After Heart-Break!

It’s been two long years for him & me, of tears and laughter, joy and stress. I don’t regret one second of it all. But now it’s over and my heart feels like it got run over by a parade of dump trucks. I was thinking I was the only one, come to find out I was actually a secondary girl. You know what though….. I have some things to say about getting over heart aches and pains. So listen up closely.

Tip #1: BE REAL!
Sometimes break-ups are reality checks. So be real with yourself about whether it was really going somewhere or not. A lot of the time people stick together because they want to try to make a bad situation work. Some people stick together because they don’t know how to be alone or think they can’t live without the other person. Some people even stick together because nothing is going “wrong” per se, so there’s no concrete reason to end it. Most importantly, be real with yourself that it is not all his or her fault. Once you can admit that the blame is not all on the other person, you can stop pointing fingers at them and take a good look at yourself. This will teach you what red flags really are for next time. You were probably blinded this time and didn’t see all of them.

Tip #2: LET IT OUT!
Don’t hold in any tears. Telling yourself that the person is not worth your tears will not help. Because the time, energy, money, emotions, etc. were all worth your tears as well. Here’s what I did: I turned on Mya’s “Can’t Believe” and Aaliyah’s “How Could The One I Gave My Heart To” in my headphones and laid on his T-shirt and cried my eyes out until I couldn’t cry anymore. Also, talking to your friends and family about how you feel will help you. This does not include man-bashing. Just let him go, girlie.

Tip #3: LET IT GO!
If it’s over, honey, please just let it go. Don’t go on a big rant telling all your friends how much you hate him, and don’t go writing him letters to him about how it can work if you try one more time! Let it go. Stop calling. Stop texting. Stop following him on Twitter if you must, lol! Put the photos and teddy bears and gifts in a box and lock it away forever. I’m not crazy enough to burn these items (like some women actually do) because I feel like they will be interesting to look back on in the future so I’d regret it.
Also, take a look at your other ex-boyfriends. They used to mean so much to you at one point in time, but you can look back now and just laugh about the mess you had to go through with them, and it’s no longer painful to think about. Well guess what, this current break-up will be the same one day! It is NOT the end of the world. Pick your heart up off the ground. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Tip #4: PRAY!
Prayer works. That’s the God-honest truth! Pray for yourself and have others pray for you as well. Pray that you learn from your and his mistakes, pray that God places his hand on your heart for healing, and pray that you will take the lessons learned from the current failed relationship and hold on to them for the remainder of your life. God can help you with everything. And keeping in mind that God is a “jealous God,” I often wonder if he sometimes moves people out of our lives just to make more room for himself, lol. That’s fine with me.

If you keep doing all the same things you were doing before, you’re leaving alot of room for memories to come back into the picture. Don’t allow yourself to be sad! Go out and do something new! Treat yourself and take your friends to a new restaurant, call an old homie that you haven’t seen in a long time and catch up, take lessons in learning a new sport or hobby, and most of all, make new friends. God removes people from our lives for good reasons. And he also put thems in our lives at the right times.  Meet new people and different types of people.
i.e. Next week I’m going to go horseback riding! I really can’t wait. The trainer is going to teach me about horse care and how to saddle up to prepare for riding, then I can ride. I know it’s going to be scary at first, lol. But I love animals and looking forward to riding. I haven’t rode a horse since I was in elementary school! (Will post pics*)
…If you can’t afford it or your schedule is too busy for squeezing new things in, then just watch some new movies or read some new books/magazines. If you’re a female, the least you can do is buy yourself a new pair of shoes. *WINK*

Take a weekend getaway by yourself, with family, with your bff, or with your whole group of friends – whatever way you like. If you ask me, I’d say a family vacation or a solo trip is best. This is mostly because your friends are going to be trying to fill your head with things like “HIS LOSS,” and “JUST GET OVER HIM,” and “STOP CRYING!” Just go off by yourself so you can have time to clear your mental and breathe.
i.e. I’m gonna go to the beach at Amelia Island and stay for a night or two the next weekend I get a chance. (Will post pics*)
…If you can’t afford to go on vacation or you don’t have time to change scenes like that, then just change scenes in your own home. Move furniture around, buy a vase of flowers, put up some new curtains, anything to change the way your apartment looks!

I was real with myself for a change, I have let it out, let it go, prayed nonstop, am planning to try new things ASAP, and made a change of scenes this weekend (I went to Pointes West Military Resort yesterday and saw my family, and now I’m in Atlanta with my buddy Amanda). Convenient for me that a long Memorial Day weekend was just ahead of my break-up/break-down to give me time to do these things!! And I hope that this helps anyone who has to go through a tough time like me. But I mostly hope that you don’t have to go through it at all, lol!

A Broken-Heart