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A Prayer for Trayvon Martin -Rev. King

A Prayer for Trayvon Martin (Rev. Naomi King, FL)

Most Merciful and Most Compassionate we are called to live boldly in compassion, to love our neighbors as ourselves, to not fear but to welcome the stranger. Yet we have failed and are struggling again, losing another child to violence and fear, losing ground living with love. For love flourishes in the safety of accountability, in the safety of each of us bearing responsibility, in the safety of mercy and restraint.

Out of grief we raise our hearts and our voices, out of grief for our children, our friends, our loved ones, our neighbors. Out of grief for Trayvon Martin we raise our hearts and our voices.

Out of fear we raise our hearts and our voices, out of fear for our children, our friends, our loved ones, our neighbors. Out of fear we raise our hearts and our voices, that hate and fear continue to roam our hearts and the land, spurring more violence.

Out of love we turn again with you and with each other seeking to not let fear and violence have the last word, seeking to remember the ones we have lost, seeking a restoration of accountability and responsibility for loving more boldly than we fear, more living more mercifully than we hate.

Comfort those of us who mourn and are afraid and especially bring us to comfort the grieving family and friends of Trayvon Martin. Strengthen us in bearing witness to the power of love to triumph over the power of fear, to lay down unjust laws. Guide our hearts, our words, and our deeds in creating true safe communities, where all our cherished, where strangers are made kin, where violence is put to rest by our becoming people of peace, people of the way of love.

You have given us the power to be the ones who end this violence, who answer our sorrow and our fear, who respond to the loss of another child by creating another way where love rules, where all of us are responsible to and for one another, where we are bold in turning away the demons of fear and welcoming the holy presence of mercy, peace, and steadfast love.



Rapper Ludacris to Headline Our Fall Concert

On November 12 at 8p.m., LUDACRIS will be performing at J.I. Clements Stadium, which is the baseball stadium next to Hanner Fieldhouse on Fair Road.

I was a huge fan of Ludacris in his earlier years and bought every album he released from Back for the First Time (2001) to Release Therapy (2006). I’m definitely still a fan so I will definitely be in attendance!

If you are unfamiliar with his music, you may have seen him on the big screen in famous films such as Crash, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Hustle & Flow, Max Payne, and Repo Men. He has also appeared on the television show, Law & Order: SVU.

The concert will be produced by Eagle Entertainment, which is a student-led organization that caters to students. They provide our campus with fun and affordable activities, such as free movies in the theater, big concerts, and even drive-in movies at Paulson Stadium parking lot. 

Personally, I’ve attended two of Eagle Entertainment’s fall shows: Fall 2005 – Bobby Valentino, Killer Mike, and Ciara; Spring 2010 – Tim McGraw. Both shows were great but the Tim McGraw concert was amazing!

Ticket sales start tomorrow morning! Get yours at the University Store or visit!

President Obama’s Back-to-School Speech

Below is a link to a speech our president gave last week to grades K-12 about education. Check it out!

P.S. Among several comments at the bottom of the post that were quite unpleasant and discriminatory, I managed to find one from a high school student that was actually refreshing… *phew* I mean, people are so close-minded and negatively opinionated! Sure, I didn’t vote for John McCain. But I wouldn’t be throwing stones at him if he were elected as our president. This is the person leading OUR country. With that being said, we ought to pray for him or her daily — no matter what political party, disability, or race. It seems like some people search for outlets to express all their hate and anger because the person they voted for is not president. Anywho, here is what “katiebug09” had to say:

I’m only in highschool and i may not no a whole lot, but i do know that when i watched this speech it TRULY inspired me to do better. I had bad grades and im not saying what he said did it all but I am doing better. I don’t think we should be facing on the facts of his race and skin color, he is as much white as he is black. What we really need to focus on is our economy and how we can help. Obama IS our president now and there is nothing you or I can do about it. Instead of complaining about different things do it yourself. Personally I hoped Obama would not become our president but things happen and he is only one man who is trying to get our entire country out of our economic situations so try and help too. Nobody is perfect and i think he is doing a great job so far. You can believe what you want about “all he is saying is lies”, that’s your opinion and here is mine… Obama is now our president and i think he is doing a great job so far.

My HOW-TO Guide for Beginner Event Planners

Start Making A Difference Today :)

Want to be a part of an exciting community event that will Make A Difference in the lives of youth and peers?

Does one or more of the following apply to YOU???

  • Organizational and planning skills
  • Experience in promotions
  • Passionate about positively influencing the lives of others
  • Lover of music!
  • You want to increase the credibility of your resume!
  • In need of quality volunteer hours
  • Will be here during Summer 2010
  • Skills in public speaking or presenting
  • Works effectively with others
  •  Strong sense of dedication

Inquire today for a spot on The Making A Difference™ Team (TMT)!  Email Jazmin DeAngelou and Jasmine Stewart at!

We are now looking for the HOTTEST, NEW performers!

Want to be part of an exciting community event that’ll help your fan-base and Make A Difference?

MAD (Making A Difference) Week* will take place from Sunday, 7 November to Saturday, 13 November, 2010. Talent is being invited from all over the country, but local artists are also invited to take part in this exciting community event as well as the main event, the 2010 1st Annual CODE: FEVER Concert hosted by TMT welcoming the hottest new artists of all genres for all students and community members! This concert is set to be in the PAC (Performing Arts Center) at Georgia Southern University! CODE: FEVER’s aim is to celebrate the musical wealth of talent, diversity, and vibrant skills of new artists across the nation!

Founded by upcoming author-model Jazmin Ashlee, Making A Difference™ is an organization that focuses on influencing youth and peers in the community with motivational speeches, mentor services and fun-filled events. The team specializing in organizing and hosting the 2010 1st Annual CODE: FEVER is Jazmin Ashlee’s The MAD Team, or TMT!

This is a huge event at which we hope you are interested in performing! For more information as far as booking and further inquiries, contact Public Relations manager Jasmine D. Stewart at (912) 541-2790 today, or e-mail! Visit!

*MAD Week will consist of daytime and evening events to be held in different venues. Students as well as members of the community are encouraged to involve themselves in these events for contest prizes, scholarships, and more!

Georgia Communication Association, Inc.

The 79th Annual Convention for the Georgia Communication Association, Inc. was held here at Georgia Southern University on February 19-20, 2010. I heard about the volunteer opportunity via my PR Events Management professor, Mrs. Urkovia Andrews, so I decided to sign up.

My job (bright and early at 7:30 am until 9:30 am) was to, first,  help with set-up. My classmate Jeff and I helped Dr. Muller and Dr. Brooks carry several supplies to the Foy Building from the parking lot, set up tables and balloons, and prepare the registration area. Some of the speakers for the convention arrived early, so we helped them carry items as well.

Once the registration officially began at 8 am, I stayed at the sign-up table to assist the presenters and guests in getting them registered for the convention, signed up for the luncheon and/or dinner, directing those who were first-time visitors to GSU who were lost, and distributing guest packages (which included tourist attraction pamphlets, maps, a restaurant directory, etc.) and even GSU’s own bottled waters.

I observed that several of the guests were already familiar with the school as well as  with some Georgia Southern professors. More importantly, I noticed that this was the first visit to our campus for many of the visitors. They complimented its size and beauty and asked for directions. So I knew that since my face would be one of the first to greet them here at Southern that I should wear a bright smile and give them a big, warm Georgia-Southern welcome! I didn’t let one person go by without that “Southern” hospitality. It’s just your duty when you’re representing this school, lol.

When our shift for volunteering was over, I was disappointed. It was very early in the morning, yes, but it had felt like I had only been helping out for about a half hour. Even worse, I got to peek at the convention program and saw some very interested topics, such as:

  • “Ohhhhh, the Things They Say: Fine Young Scholars and their Classroom Excuses”
  • ” ‘Is There Life Out There?’ Engaging Students with Non-Traditional Teaching Methods”
  • “Ethnic Group Name Changing and Racial Solidarity, Ethnic Self Determination, and Identity”
  • “Shaping the Female Image in the Media”
  • “Pitfalls, Pratfalls, and Prospects in Social Media”
  • “Social Networking Among College Freshman: A Comparison of a Traditional State University and a Historical Black College/University”
  • “Responding to Obama’s Challenge: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Identity in an Online Learning Environment”
  • “There’s no place like uhmm…” on Great Ideas for Teaching Speech

I also noticed that some of my current and previous professors were presenters for many of the issues (i.e. Kent Murray, Barbara Nixon, Michelle Groover, Urkovia Andrews, Steve Stepanek, and Abby Brooks). It would have been very interesting if I had gotten a chance to hear their presentations. Unfortunately, I had to go to class and then go straight to my job afterward so I missed out!

If you get a chance next year, make sure you attend the 80th Annual GCA Convention!

[L.E.A.P. – Relevant volunteering for events in Professionalism & Career Development area – 1 point of 01 points]