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Fav Lyric of the Week

Be a best friend, tell the truth
And overuse “I love you”
Go to work, do your best
Don’t outsmart your common sense
Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy
And love like crazy

-Lee Brice


Crazy Gaga

Lyric of the Week

“Where are you now / When I need you around? / I’m on my knees but it seems / We’re going no where fast / We’ve reached the climax.”


Fav Lyric of the Week

” ‘Cause I love the gap between your teeth / And I love the riddles that you speak / And any snide remarks from my father about your tattoos will be ignored / ‘Cause my heart is yours”

-Taylor Swift, Ours

Movie: The Help

Watching The Help was a phenomenal experience. It truly takes you back in time to a racist Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s where a young, radical writer – Eugenia (aka Skeeter) – has just come back home from Ole Miss with big dreams. Little does she realize exactly how much mayhem those dreams are going to cause, but she is courageous and passionate from beginning to end.

The movie is full of battles here and there: Black maids battling the white households in which they work. Skeeter’s mother is battling with cancer. But on a larger scale, Skeeter battles constantly with society. She stands out from the norm throughout the entire movie whether it’s because she’s the last woman in Jackson who has not found a man or that she is dangerously compassionate towards coloreds. It rekindled my appreciation of how far Black people have come since the Civil Rights period and to remember how much social chaos that the South as a whole has overcome.

Now that I’ve seen the film, I now feel compelled to read Kathryn Stockett’s novel. The movie was very fascinating. It really does a good job of taking the viewer – Black or White – back in time to be able to see many different perspectives of racial issues in the south in the 60s. I was either laughing or on the verge of crying throughout the movie. I certainly wish I could’ve seen much more of Cicely Tyson (Constantine). She is such an amazing and captivating actress — gosh, I love her!  Her two minute spill was most definitely a tease. I also wish that the ending could’ve given a little more. I feel like it wasn’t a very strong conclusion to such a concrete plot. The way Aibileen just walked away from that last scene… It kind of left me thinking, “Is that it?” The credits even started rolling as she strolled on down the street and no one got up from their seats… “The end?”

But I highly recommend any and everyone to go see it. I guarantee you’ll love it. You WILL fall in love with The Help’s remarkable cast. Emma Stone did a beautiful job here. And Viola Davis (Aibileen) along with Octavia Spencer (Minny) were extremely enchanting and authentic; I fell in love with them! I’d also like to give credit to Bryce Dallas Howard (Hilly) and Jessica Chastain (Cicelia). My first time seeing them and I loved them as well.

Settle For A Slowdown

I must look just like a fool here
in the middle of the road
standing there in your rearview
and getting soaked to the bone
this land is flat as it is mean
a man can see for a hundred miles
So I’m still praying I might see
the glow of a brake light.

But your wheels just turn,
down the road ahead
If it hurts at all
you aint showed it yet
I keep a lookin’ for
the slightest sign that you might miss
what you left behind
I know there’s nothing stopping you now
but I’d settle for a slowdown.

I held on longer then I should
Believing you might change your mind
And those bright lights of Hollywood
would fade in time.

But your wheels just turn
down the road ahead
If it hurts at all
you aint showed it yet
I keep a lookin’ for
the slightest sign
that you might miss
what you left behind
I know there’s nothing stopping you now
but I’d settle for a slowdown.

But your wheels just turn
down the road ahead
if it hurts at all
you aint showed it yet
your just a tiny dot on that horizon line come on tap those brakes
baby just one time
I know there’s nothing stopping you now
Im not asking you to turn back around

I’d settle for a slowdown
come on just slow down
I’d settle for a slow down.

-Dierks Bentley

(Thinking of SLS)

Rapper Ludacris to Headline Our Fall Concert

On November 12 at 8p.m., LUDACRIS will be performing at J.I. Clements Stadium, which is the baseball stadium next to Hanner Fieldhouse on Fair Road.

I was a huge fan of Ludacris in his earlier years and bought every album he released from Back for the First Time (2001) to Release Therapy (2006). I’m definitely still a fan so I will definitely be in attendance!

If you are unfamiliar with his music, you may have seen him on the big screen in famous films such as Crash, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Hustle & Flow, Max Payne, and Repo Men. He has also appeared on the television show, Law & Order: SVU.

The concert will be produced by Eagle Entertainment, which is a student-led organization that caters to students. They provide our campus with fun and affordable activities, such as free movies in the theater, big concerts, and even drive-in movies at Paulson Stadium parking lot. 

Personally, I’ve attended two of Eagle Entertainment’s fall shows: Fall 2005 – Bobby Valentino, Killer Mike, and Ciara; Spring 2010 – Tim McGraw. Both shows were great but the Tim McGraw concert was amazing!

Ticket sales start tomorrow morning! Get yours at the University Store or visit!

We are now looking for the HOTTEST, NEW performers!

Want to be part of an exciting community event that’ll help your fan-base and Make A Difference?

MAD (Making A Difference) Week* will take place from Sunday, 7 November to Saturday, 13 November, 2010. Talent is being invited from all over the country, but local artists are also invited to take part in this exciting community event as well as the main event, the 2010 1st Annual CODE: FEVER Concert hosted by TMT welcoming the hottest new artists of all genres for all students and community members! This concert is set to be in the PAC (Performing Arts Center) at Georgia Southern University! CODE: FEVER’s aim is to celebrate the musical wealth of talent, diversity, and vibrant skills of new artists across the nation!

Founded by upcoming author-model Jazmin Ashlee, Making A Difference™ is an organization that focuses on influencing youth and peers in the community with motivational speeches, mentor services and fun-filled events. The team specializing in organizing and hosting the 2010 1st Annual CODE: FEVER is Jazmin Ashlee’s The MAD Team, or TMT!

This is a huge event at which we hope you are interested in performing! For more information as far as booking and further inquiries, contact Public Relations manager Jasmine D. Stewart at (912) 541-2790 today, or e-mail! Visit!

*MAD Week will consist of daytime and evening events to be held in different venues. Students as well as members of the community are encouraged to involve themselves in these events for contest prizes, scholarships, and more!


This is what I’ve got plugged into my ears when I’m running or pumping! 🙂 These songs keep me HYPED!

  1. That’s My Attitude! – TRINA
  2. Go Shorty Go – TRAVIS PORTER
  3. Getting Money – BABY BOY
  4. Stomach – T-PAIN
  5. Always Online – MIKE FRESH
  6. Go Hard – NICKI MINAJ
  7. Sauced Up – J. FUTURISTIC
  8. Million Dollar Girl – TRINA & KERI HILSON
  9. Stop My Grind! – KING SHUMP
  10. Everyday – YUNG LA & BOLA
  11. I Get Crazy! – NICKI MINAJ
  12. Play – DAVID BANNER
  13. Geeked Up – BIG KUNTRY
  14. Fly Above – KANDI
  16. That’s Right! – CIARA

Movie: The Book of Eli

I won’t give too many specific details in my reaction to this movie because it is fairly new and I don’t want to give away too much. But I went and saw this movie a couple weeks ago after hearing a few extreme responses about how amazing it was.

I really loved it! Denzel is still an outstanding actor of course! And since I didn’t see any commercials or previews, it shocked me to see actress Mila Kunis alongside Washington’s role as well (an actress from That 70’s Show, and Meg’s voice on the hit cartoon Family Guy).

The message I got from the plot of the film was that no matter what you go through in life, as long as you walk with God’s word, you will be just fine. No weapon formed against you will prosper! (If you see the movie, you will see how literal that quote is! So cool!). Also, do what you were put here to do, stay focused and stay on the right path. Follow God and don’t worry at all about what people think of you for doing what you know you are supposed to do, even if they think you’re completely crazy or if they make threats. Listen to the voice within and continue your life’s journey.

What was especially unique about the movie was the setting! The setting was a fictional situation set in the United States and the time was set in the future I assume. Note: You will be caught off guard at the start of the movie. But you’ll soon catch on and be interested in the writer’s creativity.

Please go see The Book of Eli. It is a great movie from beginning to end. I like the drama, action, and suspense of it. I doubt you will be disappointed. I mean, after all, it is a Denzel film… *enough said*